Anna Doan

Anna Doan

EnvZone Staff

Communications Coordinator

Anna joins EnvZone as a Communications Coordinator, her activities have ranged from working with clients from associations to enterprises. She is focused on helping clients understand the full potential of being innovative in business operation across industries from healthcare, financial services to non-profit organizations.

Additionally, she loves solving problems for clients and helping clients reach their goals, so she understands the expectation and product development strategies of each clients.

As for recreation, she prefers taking part in many clubs to make new friends and build a great social life. Also, she likes reading books about entrepreneurial strategies, marketing, economy to enhance the knowledge and come up with new ideas for projects and strategies. Finally, she usually listens to music and plays guitars to relax and it also makes her love life more.

Certifications and Badges

  • problem analyzer and solver
  • ip protection
  • highly responsive
  • Effective Coordinator
  • creative strategist
  • performance inspector
  • asset representative

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