Why The Relationship Between Service & Margin Is a Fundamental Axiom in Business

The correlative relationship between service and margin is a crucial factor in business. However, retail companies often ignore this relationship in evaluating what technologies are suitable for them.

In this conversation, Kevin Swanwick, Vice President Store Solutions at Manhattan Associates, explains this topic in depth. Based on the lens of point-of-sale technology, he shows all the different nuances involved in technology decision-making including:

  • The difference between an order-centric retailer and a customer-centric retailer
  • Why is cloud commerce essential for both setups?
  • Which retail experiences are more suited for self-service scan-and-go style checkout versus others?
  • Which cloud commerce system is the most integral piece of a retailer’s omnichannel engine?


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Kevin Swanwick

Vice President Store Solutions at Manhattan Associates

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