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"Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."

- General George Patton

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F-117 aircraft

Defying Limits: How the F-117 Nighthawk Masters the Sky with 99% Accuracy

CIA spy

The CIA’s Base Network and The Stuff You May Haven’t Heard About

Sasha Elaine in her salon

Sasha Elaine 30 Days Hustle: I’m the qualified one for this contract

F-35B from different angles

Is the Engineering Behind F-35B Worth More Than $100M Investment?

Chris White face

Chris White Elaborates on How Powerful Government Programs to Contractors

David Packouz speaks in a conference

How David Packouz Transformed Himself Post-$300M Contract Collapse

Trending Mention in the U.S. Today

Sam Altman

Sam Altman

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Professional: Stories to insights

Nuclear power engine

Challenges Face Nuclear Power to Become a Trusted Ally

TSA officer handed the ID back to traveler

Faster and Safer Airport Security: How Authorities Tackle This ‘Problem Black Hole’

Cherokee County Commission Chair Harry Johnston and Bartow Paving executive

Bartow Paving Awarded the Hunter Trail Construction Project at Bells Ferry Road

Jamelle H. Ellis, PhD - Senior Scientist - Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Dr. Jamelle H. Ellis: Championing Diversity and Empowerment in STEM

City of North Myrtle Beach Mayor and Sellers General Construction CEO

North Myrtle Beach Public Works Enhance Readiness with New Storage

Lisa Rehurek on Making State Government Contracts Accessible for Small Businesses

Pueblo Board of Water Work

Pueblo Water and ICM Colorado Dive in a ‘Sound-simple’ Hydroelectric Project

Kip C. Walby is receiving presents

Southeast Macomb Sanitary District Moved Fast on Its Competitive Procurement

EnvZone Special
The Impact List: 250 Power VC Firms in America
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Healthcare & Transformation

British scientist Peter Mansfield and Dr. Raymond Damadian

MRI Machine – The Marvel of Modern Physics and Engineering

AI in the health data analysis

The Root of AI Bias in Health Insurance – Insufficiently Diverse Input Data

Medicaid and Medicare

How States Handle Medicaid Coverage Renewals in Mounting Delays

Seabin microplastics collection

Microplastics Mystery: A Journey from Macro to Micro

Iterative Health's Founder & CEO - Jonathan NG

Pioneering Precision in GI Medicine: Iterative Health’s Bold Initiative

Rite Aid founder and CEOs overtime

Rite Aid Free Fall – An Explosion of Built-in Tumors

Tech & Startups

Online presence manager as a service

Write proposals faster with AI assistance!

Transform your RFP response process with Proposal Engine

Discover and learn how it works

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The Rising City

Harbor Freight Tools CEO

Harbor Freight Tools: Strategies Behind America’s Fastest-Growing Retailer

Bernie Madoff and Jamie Dimon

Echoes of Misconduct: JPMorgan Chase’s Troubled Past and Its Repercussions

Supersonic plane titans

Good News – Supersonic Plane is Making a Comeback

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun

Boeing’s Dangerous Descent: Profit Over Safety in the Aerospace Industry

Macy's CEO

Macy’s in Crisis: The Retail Giant’s Decline and Recovery Efforts

Peter Pernot-Day and Sky Xu

SHEIN’s Unfair Sleight of Hand to Gain the Upper Hand

People's Choice

Leadership With A Purpose- Motivating Your Engineers

Leadership With A Purpose: Motivating Your Engineers

The Death Of Demographics- Valuegraphic Marketing For A Values-Driven World

The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic Marketing for a Values-Driven World

book cover of The Alignment Problem Machine Learning and Human Values

The Alignment Problem: Machine Learning and Human Values

Running & Growing a Business QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Effective Leader, Developing Scalable Systems

Running & Growing a Business QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Effective Leader, Developing Scalable Systems

Most Popular Topics

10 Factors That Are Influential In Choosing A Software Development Vendor-Featured Image

10 Factors That Are Influential in Choosing a Software Development Vendor

Top 10 Must-Know Latest Technologies In The Digital Age

Top 10 Must-Know Latest Technologies in The Digital Age

Prologis warehouse

The 9 Best New Features That a Logistic Software Must Have

Leadership team from companies in a meeting

Let’s Leverage Your Spare Time as Great People!

Leaders in Action

Alex Bricker’s Story Behind An Awesome Educational Product For English Learners

Alex Bricker’s Story behind an Awesome Educational Product for English Learners

Expert Advice for Retailers to Not Fall into The Same Pitfalls

Expert’s Advice for Retailers to Not Fall into The Same Pitfalls

Utilize Cloud Application To Manage Supply Chain Effectively-featured Image

Utilize Cloud Application to Manage Supply Chain Effectively

Failure Which Is Always Temporary In Nature Is The Test Of Character-featured Image

Failure Which Is Always Temporary in Nature Is the Test of Character

Demystify Agile Store Management How to Make it a Big Win

Demystify Agile Store Management & How to Make it a Big Win

Don’t Look At Employing People With Disabilities As A Burden Or A Cost

Don’t Look at Employing People with Disabilities as A Burden or A Cost

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