Debunk Best Practices to Tackle “Smash and Grabs” in Digital Retail Scene

One of the real concerns for retailers is the significant increase in digital “smash and grabs” as fraud spikes with a considerable increase of “card not present” and online transactions.  In this conversation, J. Bennett, Senior Vice President of Signifyd, will make this topic clear through the following elements:

  • The ways retailers prepare for fraud during peak holiday traffic
  • New methods to monitor fraud as store experiences get more high tech, from scan-and-go to contactless payments
  • How to ensure the limited number of products get into the hands of their best customers in times of supply chain shortages?
  • The importance of investing in tech like machine learning to maintain security, speed, and customer satisfaction in as many transactions as possible.


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J. Bennett

Senior Vice President of Signifyd

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