“Great Things Take Time” Story Told by an Insider

Have you ever wondered why it has taken you so long to succeed? Whether the success comes to others easier than you? Don't think much! There always exist the right paths driving you to succeed that you have to find out before taking action.
“Great Things Take Time” Story Told by an Insider
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Why is it taking me so long to succeed? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

“Success includes the process of standing up from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” If you are wondering why success, wealth and prosperity have not come to you, it most likely comes from the following causes.

1. Because You Have Not Failed Enough

You feel satisfied with your mediocre position and choose not to try for anything. You prefer to tell yourself that “I will learn a new job” rather than actually rolling into school. You often click your tongue, this may seem too complicated, sometimes after or “not always doing it.”

While you sit there leisurely, others are challenging themselves with successive failures, learning new things. Because only when you fail can you get the lesson for yourself, like steel has been beaten by me through the red fire, and you are able to cope with the life full of sharper swords than you.

I started my online business when I was 24 years old, I failed, and I almost felt like I should give up. However, I was really lucky to meet Sell Real Likes, a unit that helped me a lot with their professional and effective service. They help me realize that one-off failure will not make you fall, stand up and turn it into motivation to succeed.

2. Because You Are Always Focus on What People Think About You

You always have to struggle to get into the crowd. Because you think, the difference is only valuable when you are different in the same way that makes others stand out!

You are afraid to expose your true self, if you can judge other people, you think that they must surely speak again about your way of life. The more you care about the things you have, the more things you did less.

You spend money buying clothes, shiny cars, eating high-quality food – about me, I leave that money to invest for myself. While I make the world accept me, you struggle to integrate with tens of thousands of people out there by mimicking what you think they like.

3. Because You Think You Are More Intelligent

Come to think of it, you read what others have read, learned what they have learned, done what they have done, yet called intelligent?

You think only when you go to school, you still study. While you are trying to figure out the vast world from the tiny classroom, I was out there, experiencing it by living and challenging myself beyond the protective cradle of family and teachers.

Because intelligence does not show through what you have learned, but through the way you live. Don’t take your degree to compare it to lose, I can easily pass your test easily, but in my test, the score you gain is only one word: surviving!

4. Because You Do Not Read the Book

You just bear to read what the school has forced you to read, but also – nothing. You think history is boring and philosophy is too vague. You would rather sit and watch TV than discover something interesting, like seeing the world through another person’s lens with books that change their lives.

Successful examples, worthwhile social stories often don’t interest you with celebrity scandals. Surely you know these things. But people can only take the horse to the water’s edge, whether or not drinking is due to itself.

5. Because You Don’t Know How to Accept The Truth

You dare not admit to yourself that you don’t know too many things. You need to know that reading this article doesn’t compensate for all the time you’ve wasted in your life. If someone says, tomorrow everything will be different, you will wait until tomorrow to begin to move.

The only thing that is hindering you from doing extraordinary things is yourself.

Contributed by Kane HarryM.B.A Master of Business Administration Degrees, University of Sheffield (2014)

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