Top Indispensable Software Products for the Travel Agency Industry

One of the needs to operate a travel agency effectively is professional software products. Of course, all the situations cannot be handled by the software system. However, speed, accuracy are basic benefits that it can bring.
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TraviYO helps travel agents to organize, automate and centralize the operations of their travel agency with advanced technology so that they can manage their travel business with ease. TraviYO implements sales automation, quotation sharing, payment scheduler, supplier management, invoicing and taxation through a BOT to simplify the travel agencies operation process. In addition TraviYO helps to generate business by developing and promoting the website and improving their organisation reputation.

Website Development

Have your online presence for more… business

Traviyo enables offline travel agencies, agents and companies to deliver a fully loaded online travel booking website that allows them to go online with their services. You can enhance the services of your travel agency, vacation packages services etc. with the help of easy online implementation of your website. With the help of your travel website designed and developed by us, you can expand your travel business.

Supplier Management

Choose best suppliers and serve better

Through our supplier management we provide an option to our clients to manage their suppliers’ contact details, supplier services and supplier’s payment and other information. You can manage all of your services, TraviYO provides you the dynamic form option to generate dynamic services for your business, This supplier management module helps travel agencies to calculate their GST easily, and the module is organized in a manner that the user can get an account of the best suppliers in the respective services with the help of an exhaustive report. This will help them to centralize their businesses in one place, improve client engagement and run their travel business smoothly.

Travel CRM

CRM thats need of every travel agents

With the help of our CRM Module, you can keep track of not only your potential leads and lead management, but also identify areas of improvement and work on them. You can easily identify leads that have and have not been followed up. We help you improve your communication with your customers. You can also benefit largely from our Query Management module, wherein you can keep track of the different tour/ticketing enquiries. You can also re-assign these queries to different staff in your agency.

Quotation Builder

Send instance quoations using Traviyo

Traviyo helps travel agencies to manage and send multiple quotations to their customers, where they can send customized quotations and itinerary to customers. You can instantly send quotations to your customers which can help you to win View More… customers and grow your travel business. All the sent quotations are stored in a centralized location, where you can further review and reuse the quotations in future. Quotation will be sent through email/SMS and a beautiful pdf will be attached to the quotation email. We can send multiple options with payment links in a single quotation; and once the customer finalizes any quotation.

Payment Scheduler

Schedule payments and stay relaxed

With our Payment Scheduler module, you will get an option to manage payments for your customer and vendor. Suppose the user wants to pay in multiple installments against specific services, you can manage this payment structure in a very simplified manner – like schedule payment for customer and mark the date and amount. Once you schedule this payment, invoice will automatically be generated and will be available in the invoice draft section. After the invoice has been verified, the invoice can be sent automatically to the customer.

Invoice & Billing Management

Send and Manage Invoices From Anywhere

Invoice is again another task we have managed to organize and automate. Once you schedule the payments and set the auto sending invoice option, invoices will be sent to the client. As you set the instruction for sending the invoice, it will be designed properly and sent through email/SMS with a payment link so that user can make the payment instantly against the invoice. Once the user does the payment, the status of invoice will automatically change to paid. Alternatively, you can generate and send invoice to your client manually and can manage the status manually.

Taxation Management

Manage tax smarter and faster with Traviyo

You can manage the taxation for your invoices and have an option to add or change taxes for each invoice. Once you set the taxes, it will automatically be added to the tax entry and you will have an option to view the total tax we have collected under different taxes heads, so there’s no need to do any manual processing/calculation to manage taxes.

Back Office Reports

Generate and View All Reports-Daily, Monthly and Yearly

With Traviyo Travel website development, reporting and analytics becomes a cakewalk. There is absolutely no need to prepare reports manually, as all information is stored in the system and can be extracted in a customization report format as and when needed. The reports can be extracted in Ms Excel format and few other formats for auditing, reference or for monitoring purposes. You can also create bespoke reports analysis to reflect various operational activities.

Contributed by Amar Kumar Rout, Founder at TraviYO

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