The 9 Best New Features That a Logistic Software Must Have

If you have complete logistics software with both available features and new features built into it then it can be easier for your business to operate.
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Well, it really depends on the industry and the workflow of the organization.

An ERP software for logistics management can support a wide range of functionalities to optimize the management of logistics distribution such as an advanced procurement module, with the automation of purchases based on demand forecasts, supply rules and other factors such as delivery times, current existence, order point, minimum existence, minimum purchase.

Here Are Top Features You Should Look for in A Logistics Management Software.

Automate Operations Between Warehouses

A good logistics management ERP software works with different types of warehouses, both home-owned and regulatory warehouses (acting as supplier warehouses) and regulated warehouses (acting as customers).

Automatically Generates Proposals and Purchase Orders

Logistics management software must have an intelligent and configurable system that determines and optimizes the purchases to be made by the company. It is based on multiple elements such as demand forecast, the weighting of sales of previous years and months, available stock, minimum purchase, order point, multiple lots, etc. The information should be configurable for each supplier and article.

Integrally Manage Returns to Suppliers

A good logistics management software offers a specific circuit for the management of returns caused by different reasons (expiration, damage, breakdowns, items removed, request from the supplier itself, etc.). With all this information, it must evaluate and catalogue suppliers based on their quality level.

Must Integrate Web Portals, Own, Or Third Parties

The Distribution ERP software must integrate easily with web portals, whether owned by the home company or owned by third parties. This helps to offer advanced management of the sales line itself through the web.

Integrally Manage Transport, Routes, And Deliveries

It must also configure the different distribution routes with the ERP distribution software and automate all the documentation required by the vehicles for proper delivery. All information must be subsequently available for further analysis and statistical management.

Must Generate Orders

It must generate orders for the supply of special items that are not in the warehouse or are not part of the company’s general product catalog. These orders can then automatically generate a purchase from the corresponding supplier through the ERP distribution software.

Upon receiving the material, the service of the merchandise to the customer is automatically enabled. Hence, the entire process becomes more efficient.

Registers All the Information

In addition to the features mentioned here, it must also register all the required information related to the conditions agreed with the suppliers.

This includes things such as deadlines, notices for renegotiation, planned actions, agreed on prices, billing and payment conditions, etc.

Use Advanced Purchase and Sale Rates

With the logistics management software, you must avail of the great flexibility of the prices and general or customizable commercial purchase and sale conditions for customers and suppliers. It also helps to manage rappels and commissions on objectives easily.

Should You Go for A Customized Logistic management software?

It’s possible that a standard out-of-the-box solution may not be suitable for your organization’s needs.

If you need flexibility and want to automate specific workflows, you should consider partnering with the right software development company that can build a custom logistic management software for you.

There are not many players in the market who have extensive industry experience. One recommendation is – INTECH Group, that has over 15+ years of experience in building enterprise software.

The company offers a custom solution for Port & Logistics Industry.

Anyway, hope this answer helps.

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