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Business models play a crucial part in entrepreneurship. An ideal business model can push you and your business to unlock more achievements. Let's find your favorite business model which meets the market's demand.
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A well-established and proven business-format franchise should provide:-

  • An established market for the franchisor’s products or services.
  • Proven sales, marketing and operational procedures.
  • The benefit of an established business name.
  • Training, ongoing support and help in running the business.
  • Where appropriate, help in finding, fitting out and furnishing premises.

In this article, I shall look at the two sides of the franchise relationship – that of the franchisor and franchisee. To be successful, both need to benefit from the relationship.

Franchising from the franchisor’s perspective

Franchising has grown steadily in the UK over the last decade and is now present in almost all business sectors, especially the fast-food and service industries. With many well-known companies operating successful franchise networks, you may be attracted to the idea yourself. It could be the ideal way to expand your business without the huge capital investment needed to set up a wholly-owned operation.

As a franchisor, you grant a license to local operators (franchisees) to sell your products or services, trade under your name and use any of your trademarks and logos for a specific period. The franchisees have a personal stake in the business and own their outlets so you can expect them to be more motivated to maximize sales than salaried managers. However, you specify exactly how your franchisee must operate in strict compliance with your business style.

You may be involved in substantial expenditure at the outset to develop your franchise operation, but when it comes to the stage at which you are appointing your franchisees they will pay you an initial fee that will over time help to reimburse these costs. When they are up and running, you will receive a regular income from them by charging a management service fee, or marking-up the price of goods you supply.

At first glance, it may seem too good to be true, but as well as benefits, franchising can have its drawbacks. The development of a successful franchise network requires careful planning, continuous monitoring, and advice and support from professionals, such as a franchise consultant, accountant, franchise lawyer and, of course, your bank manager.

So why are banks interested in attracting franchise business? We see lending to a franchisee as much less risky than lending to someone starting a business entirely on their own. This, however, is only true of well set-up, sound and ethical franchises, and unfortunately not every business calling itself a franchise can claim to be that.

Franchising is not the path to salvation for an ailing business and even when it is done properly by a successful business it may take some years to achieve a positive cash-flow and worthwhile profits.

This article offers a brief overview of the aspects a business needs to consider when expanding through franchising.

What is franchising?

Franchising is a “joint venture” between an independent person (the franchisee) and a business (the franchisor) which wishes to expand its activities.

The venture is governed by a contract. This gives the franchisee the right to operate using the franchisor’s trade name/trade mark, in accordance with a business-format or “blueprint”. All aspects of the franchisee’s business are strictly controlled including image, products or service, systems, and administration. This method is usually known as business-format franchising.

As a franchisor you will:-

  • Allow franchisees to use your trading names, logos, business style and format.
  • Help franchisees establish their own businesses to a pre-determined format.
  • Provide continuing support to enable franchisees to operate and develop their businesses successfully.

You can only become a successful franchisor if you yourself are already operating a successful business with a good track record, and have sufficient management and financial resources to develop and support a franchise network.

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Contributed by Pranjal Agrawal, 15+ Working experience as a Career and Employee Management

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