Predictions for The Future of Social Media That You Should Know

In the future, social media must reach a point where it has to meet the demands of social media users rather than playing an entertainment tool like before.
Predictions For The Future Of Social Media That You Should Know
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Social media keep growing but we don’t know what gonna happen the next month or the next year. Social media is a very competitive market. It’s very important to know the predictions, so you can create new strategies or use new trends and tips to grow your business.

Here are some tips and predictions about social media future

1. Privacy and Security

These days it’s very important for brands and businesses to find methods and strategies to generate consumer trust. It’s about how they connect with their target audience. These days social media users are becoming more aware of how their data is being used.

Social media will see an increase in private interactions like messaging apps, email, and other tools for private sharing. Stats show that 85% of social media users prefer more privacy and security.

2. Videos

Videos on social media are on the rise. People like to watch videos than reading text content. It’s almost guaranteed that we will see even more videos all over social media in the future, including live videos.

3. Memes

Many social media users are sharing memes. Many people are sharing less personal information and prefer to share interesting videos or funny memes on social platforms. They don’t trust social media anymore!

4. Premium Services

Ads have become a big problem in social media. Many people are searching for solutions to avoid ads. Premium services could be on the rise as social media users tend to prefer high-quality images, videos, and audio without ads.

5. Mobile-Friendly Platforms

The future of social media is mobile. About 3 billion people (maybe more) will have access to mobile phones by 2020-2021. More and more people are using their smartphones to search online and use social platforms. That’s why future platforms need to become more mobile-friendly.

6. Image and Voice Search

Stats show that 55% of online searches will be carried out through image and voice by 2021. The popularity of voice and image search is growing.

With the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, there is a massive increase in visual-based content. Every mobile phone has a camera. So photos and videos will continue to saturate social media.

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