Top 10 Must-Know Latest Technologies in The Digital Age

This answer shows new technology trends that everyone is looking for in our time. You must learn and enhance your skills in this technological era to take you an inch closer to the promotion.
Top 10 Must-Know Latest Technologies In The Digital Age
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In present IT, it is very difficult to determine one particular technology as the best among others, because every day is an evolution in computing and every single pave a way for a new technology.

But, according to the present job scenario and stack overflow popularity, the below technologies have good growing opportunities:

1. Artificial Intelligence

It covers technologies that are used for prediction purpose. The technology stack of AI constitutes

  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Robotics

2. Data Science

Data Science is all about cleaning, analyzing, organizing, preparing and visualizing the data.

It requires the following things to be included:

  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data mining
  • Data Analytics

3. Big Data and Cloud Computing

These are another boom area to be considered as the trending technologies in the present IT sector. It is because of the importance of data in the life of every individual and consistent improvement in social networks and ecommerce traffic.

4. Full Stack Development Using MERN/MEAN

With the advent of JavaScript evolution in the web world, things have been vibrantly changed as it is coming up with number of frameworks every day.


5. Android Development

As the internet users are more comfortable with using android apps than websites, the demand of android development becomes very high. The two popular ways of building android apps are through:

  • Java
  • Kotlin

6. Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

For every business, there is a lot to deal with data. Data visualization becomes essential on every business and there is large demand in this area.

The popular tools of BI and Data Visualization are:

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI

7. Automation

As the role of manual monitoring and surveillance is no more interested by the enterprises, everyone is now looking for the automation processes which automates the task of handling various operations in the enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation is one such popular technology to look out for.
The popular RPA tools are:


8. Devops

Devops is the combination of Development and operations team in a software organization, which is advanced version to agile development.

9. MicroServices

It is the way of modularizing the services of a software product into independent modules.
Micro services enable to complete the software product quickly without depending on other services.

10. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is the decentralized computing environment, where distributed computing plays an important role here.
Cryptocurrency is the major element that pronounces the importance of block chain.

Contributed by Yaswanth Sai Palaghat, Machine Learning | Full Stack Development | Data Science

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