The Successful Business Startup Action Guide: Lessons and Mistakes from an Entrepreneur on Building the Future, Starting Businesses

The Successful Business Startup Action Guide- Lessons And Mistakes From An Entrepreneur On Building The Future, Starting Businesses, And Leading For Change
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The ultimate guide to starting a business for would-be entrepreneurs! 

This business startup action guide book will teach you from start to finish everything you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Give shape to your idea and set up a prosperous business following this proven path to entrepreneurial success. 

Soon-to-be entrepreneurs will: 

  •  Learn how to think like an entrepreneur by eliminating the negative core beliefs that are holding them back, developing the right mindset for success, and acquiring the habits of the most successful entrepreneurs. 
  • Discover the principles to succeed in your startup (and scaling your business) as an entrepreneur. 
  • Build the future, from idea to reality, by finding the perfect business opportunity, conducting market analysis, developing business strategy, creating a business plan, creating a competitive advantage, building the right product or service for the right audience, getting traction, and starting a business. 
  • Get equipped with the understanding of how best to build a framework that they can use for the first business they launch and every company thereafter. 
  • Husam S. AlSaleh wrote The Successful Business Startup Action Guide for any inspiring entrepreneur who would like to learn from his experience in starting, running, and scaling up businesses. He shares stories from his experiences to show what these practices look like in action and what can happen if they’re ignored. 

This success book has a wealth of value for young entrepreneurs who have an idea and a dream of starting a new venture. You may be a business and entrepreneurship student, small business owner, manager, leader in a multinational company, or a soon-to-be entrepreneur who recognized that you want to do something bigger, something that will have an impact in your community, city, country, or the entire world. 

This step-by-step guide will equip you with both the right mindset and the ‘how to’ (and skills) you need to start and grow a successful business.  

You need concise, actionable information with no filler that puts you in the driver’s seat, helps you navigate the journey of starting your first business, and takes your ambitions and ideas from wishful thinking to a successful reality where your business thrives. 

About the Author:  

Husam S. Al Saleh is a passionate, determined, and moral entrepreneur who has spent his career solving problems. Showing an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, Husam often built solutions to the problems facing his friends and colleagues. 

He worked up the corporate ladder and became Deputy CEO of Arabian Hala Group, then continued his higher executive education at London Business School, Harvard Business School, IMD, and the MISK 2030 Leaders Program. This gave him the necessary skills to continue making solutions to problems in the market. Husam now holds several executive board positions, including CEO. He is also the MENA regional chair for YPO( 2021-2023), the global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives.  

Husam leads his companies with inspiration in a shared mission and by bridging relationships with the main objective of creating something that will last. He has passion for startups. He is actively investing in startups and helping turn businesses around from loss to profit with a focus on growth. 

If you have a great startup idea that’s supported with a solid business plan, you can connect with Husam on