Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing: Is There a Clear Winner?

Nowadays, there are tons of mediums for connecting with potential customers, so marketers find it hard to select which marketing tool is the most efficient for their businesses, specifically email marketing vs. social media marketing.
Email Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing Is There a Clear Winner
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Here are the reasons why email marketing is better than social media marketing.

1. It’s More Personal

Today’s consumers want stronger bonds with the brands they purchase from. When you post something on social media, you have to wait for your followers to scroll down far enough in their feed to see it. And, with all of the new algorithms that emphasize content from friends and family, brands are often finding their posts disappearing into the void. Email, on the other hand, is sent directly to the recipient’s inbox. Since you’re communicating one-on-one with your clients in a private setting, it’s a much more intimate way to communicate with them.

2. You have Your Own List of Subscribers

The difference with email is that you own your subscriber list, whether it’s stored in a CRM or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. You have access to a subscriber for as long as they want to be on your list after they sign up. You aren’t at the mercy of the social media scene’s volatile and ever-changing nature.

3. You Don’t Have to Compete with Algorithms

In the last few years, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have radically altered their algorithms to better represent their users’ desires and needs. Consumers, in particular, want to see more posts from their family and friends than from brands. There are no such algorithms in email. It’s pretty simple: you send an email, and it immediately appears at the top of the recipient’s inbox.

4. You Get a Higher ROI

As a marketer, you’re probably always worried about the return on investment of the strategies you use. It’s not worth wasting time, energy, or money on a strategy that doesn’t work, which is why email is your best friend.

5. Email Gets Way More Attention Per Customer Than Anything Else

If you use email, you’re more likely to get face time with your prospects. This isn’t just because the consumers spend more time with email than they do with Facebook, Google, or whatever.

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