Self-Doubt – Major Hindrance that Stifles Your Creativity

You may think that creative people were born with special abilities. Besides, you doubt your creative talents. However, whether is that true or not? The answer is to follow the I.D.E.A strategy and keep working, your creative dream will happen.

This video talks about how everyone has a creative force inside of them. Chase Jarvis will show us the way and what it takes to develop that creativity. He is an American artist, director, entrepreneur, and author who co-founded the online educational platform Creative Live.

His goal is to educate and inspire people to achieve their creative potential through his voice.

You can learn the following things from this video:

  • How to unleash your creativity?
  • Why you should dream big.
  • Why Mindset Matters
  • How to move with intent
  • Why building relationships is important.
  • The I.D.E.A creative process


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Chase Jarvis

Co-founded of educational platform Creative Live

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