34 Insurance Marketing Ideas for Your Agency

Insurance marketing is not easy. In regardless to insurance marketing ideas, you need to really consider. Therefore, today, we want to share ideas in insurance marketing. Let's start exploring its key. Please pay attention!
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Need insurance marketing ideas? Chances are, this isn’t the first article you’ve read on insurance marketing—but we’ve designed it to be the only one you’ll ever need.

Because that’s what we’re really talking about insurance marketing—you need to stand out enough in a competitive market so people will choose your insurance company over the next one.

This article really has 35 insurance marketing ideas and lead generation strategies on it. Are you ready to crush it? All of the best insurance agency marketing ideas, as well as the most creative, are here.

1. Insurance Calculators

Each month, there are 3,600 Google search queries for “life insurance calculator”. This creates a huge opportunity to get organic traffic that you can convert into leads.

Creating insurance calculators, such as a life insurance calculator, and placing them as tools on your website will generate leads. The trick is making your calculator search optimized and easy to use.

If you optimize your calculator and the additional page content properly then it will show up in Google and bring in traffic. Once traffic lands on the page make sure the calculator asks for their email before showing the results. This is how you will capture lead info.

2. Quizzes

Use a plugin like Thrive Quiz Builder and put an engaging quiz on your website to promote on social media.

The quiz can help users determine if they require coverage based on a series of questions. Get creative and try to come up with a quiz that will sound enticing and be interesting and helpful.

At the end of the quiz, make it so the user must enter their email to get their results. You can find plenty of quiz plugins and apps some free and some paid, and most will connect with your auto-responder to collect leads automatically.

3. ChatBot

You have probably already heard of new insurance chatbots that are helping to provide insurance quotes to website visitors. This helps save the agent time while also being convenient to the consumer.

4. KingSumo Giveaways

This is a WordPress plugin but now also offers a web app for any type of site owner to use. You can create giveaway contests in just a few minutes that will collect emails as entries.

Not only is it easy to set up, but it also has viral social features built-in automatically like rewarding contestants for sharing the contest on social media. The contests, when strategically thought up, can create quite the buzz and bring in quite a few referrals.

It will track your entire contest and select the winners automatically for you. It automates the whole contest with email communications to all who enter. It is a premium giveaway app that can help you generate insurance leads.

5. Upgrade or Optimize Your Website

Building up solid traffic to your agency website is a challenge. Once you have the traffic, the challenge becomes converting it into leads and customers.

Are they able to find what they need quickly and easily? Are they greeted with consistent brand messaging and friendly professional service? Are they served a clear and relevant call-to-action?

If your website doesn’t have a professional and clean appearance with the necessary functionality and good UX then no one will have enough trust in you to ask for a quote online or give you a call.

At Envzone, we build insurance websites that are responsive to all device sizes. Your site also needs premium hosting for security, speed, and performance as well as proper functionality for your agency and users. We can help upgrade your site to meet all of your requirements.

6. Create Branded Content

Learn why you need branded content in your insurance marketing. Start using it to build up your brand recognition, improve your SEO, and generate more inbound leads.

You can use branded content in online paid advertising and organic campaigns on your blog and social media.

7. Optimize for Life Insurance Keywords

Generating life insurance leads online is a big opportunity.

Check it out and optimize your life insurance content and campaigns for these keywords to generate more life insurance leads.

8. Get an Instant Quoting Tool

If your website is using contact forms to collect lead info and does not offer instant quoting, then you should consider implementing and instant quoting tool.

Quotit, Safeco, NinjaQuoter and others provide automated insurance quoting engines. In 2019, more automated insurance quotes will be delivered than in any previous year. So, now is a great time to make this investment for your agency.

9. Ramp up Your Content Marketing

Whether you are doing content marketing already or not, consider stepping it up.

Content marketing is helping insurance agencies generate very high quality leads at the lowest costs.

10. Informational Whitepapers

A white paper demonstrates your expertise and success in a niche. You can have multiple white papers about different topics such as Life Insurance or Health.

If you’d like to collect email addresses from individuals in a particular industry or specific demographic then get a simple landing page created where your downloadable whitepaper is offered in exchange for the person’s email address. Just be sure your whitepaper topic is very interesting and valuable to your target.

11. Live Chat on Website

The average insurance website has around a 2% conversion rate. This means that only 2 out of every 100 website visitors contacts the insurance agent through some channel, such as a phone call, contact form, or an insurance quote form. The other 98 visitors out of every 100 are leaving without you ever finding out who they are. This low conversion rate is a huge opportunity for leads.

If you can fix this problem and increase your conversion rate then you can start building a consistent lead generation pipeline through your website.

That is the main reason you built it after all, or should have at least been one of your major marketing goals when you were contemplating the investment. The best and most proven way to increase your website conversion rate is through live chat. Chat is a great way to do this, just make sure you are available to customers.

12. VooPlayer or Wistia

If you are attempting to collect email addresses and are willing to create videos, then there are video hosting solutions which makes it very easy for collecting email addresses from online videos such as VooPlayer and Wistia.

They don’t make videos, it just makes it much easier for a video view to be branded and converted into an email subscriber.

A subscribe input can be embedded over the video or a call to action button can also be made on the video to send viewers over to your landing page so that is optimized even better to capture leads.

13. Host A Webinar

Putting on an online webinar and offering valuable information is an excellent way of generating leads from your webinar signups. Plus, you can automate them meaning you film and set them up one time but have them available for playback whenever your visitors are available.

It is particularly useful for creating B2B educational content. Small business insurance is a good sector for targeting with webinars for this reason.

14. Publish Content Online For Insurance Consumers

Publish content on your agent blog or agency website that is helpful for people who are shopping for insurance. Think about what kinds of questions people tend to have when shopping for insurance. An example of life insurance could be, “do I need whole or term life?”

Then create videos, articles or other kinds of content that helps to answer those questions. Continue creating useful content for consumers who are shopping and leads will definitely find you.

15. Search Engine Optimization

The best source of internet insurance leads in 2019 is from Google. This is where the insurance lead providers are getting them before reselling them to insurance agents.

In today’s world, savvy consumers go to Google when they are searching for insurance. If you can implement good SEO “search engine optimization” on your insurance website then the results will pay dividends.

What SEO does for your insurance website is gets it on the front page of google search results for terms like “insurance agents in Denver” or whichever city you live in.

Most often these searches are performed by consumers looking for a local agent to help them purchase insurance.

We have gotten websites ranked in Google for similar search terms that began to receive high-quality leads on a consistent daily basis.

16. Q&A Websites

Sign up at websites such as Yahoo Answers, Ask.com, Quora, Reddit, and InsuranceLibrary where questions are asked and answered so you can start participating in discussions that relate to insurance.

You might generate leads from the people who ask the questions that you answer. However, what is even more likely is that other individuals who have the same questions later on down the road will see your answers and contact you.

Look at this strategy as a long game approach, it will actually help you generate more short term leads too. In other words, don’t ever offer anything other than pure value.

It is the best way to build trust and authority so anyone out there who is a buyer will ask for your help.

17. Insurance Forums

Although many of the insurance forums consist of other insurance agents posting, you will find consumers posting questions as well.

If you can find these consumer’s questions and provide insight and help to them, then you can engage and generate leads this way. It is worth creating a free account over at: AmpInsure.org and also Insurance-Forums.com which has forums for both agents and consumers.

After contributing a few posts you will be able to create a signature. Make sure to include a link back to your main blog or site for some referral traffic and to boost your SEO.

18. Press Release

First, do something newsworthy like sponsor a local sports team or event. Then write a press release announcing your sponsorship or have a PR agency write one and distribute it for you. Reach out to all the local news reports and share the press release with them. You could get picked up on local news websites and emailed out to all of their subscribers potentially getting your brand in front of thousands of prospects.

19. Google Adwords (PPC Ads) Campaign

You see pay-per-click ads above the regular results on Google. There is usually a colored background with these ads. For the insurance industry these ads are not cheap. However, you can pay for this kind of ad and then have traffic sent directly to a landing page for lead generation. For lead generation purposes, sending traffic directly to a squeeze page or landing page is the best thing to do.

20. Bing Ads and Yahoo Ads Campaigns

Although Google is where the majority of search traffic takes place, Bing still has 23% market share. This means you can still capture traffic and leads by advertising on Bing. Cost Per Click is lower on Bing, so you will also be lowering your advertising costs if you spread your budget between Google and Bing. On that note, you can important Google Adwords campaigns into Bing to get started.

21. Encourage Online Reviews

Whenever consumers see your agent profiles on websites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, the quality and number of reviews you have can play a big role in determining whether they contact you or not. If you have fewer reviews than your competitors on these sites then you will miss out on leads. Request that your clients leave positive reviews for you.

Make sure not to leave fake reviews as your listing can get banned if you are caught doing that. Reviews are becoming more and more important for building trust and converting prospects into leads for your agency.

22. Cross Promotional Events

Hosting a special event for only your clients is frequently a very expensive and daunting endeavor. If you would like to get more leads and lighten the burden a little, have a cross-promotional event by teaming up with another local business. Every business that is involved (there could be several of them) will invite their clients and allow cross-pollination to take place.

23. Networking Events

Those 30 business cards that you have in your hand when a networking event ends are leads. However, like any leads, the key thing is what you do to follow-up. What I recommend that you do for a majority of your networking follow up is to use social media since it is fast and can open doors easily for helping to develop stronger and closer relationships.

24. Find Other Local Businesses To Exchange Leads With

A majority of local business owners in your area would love getting a hold of your customer lists to use as sales leads. You won’t give that out to just anybody of course. However, if you can locate a couple of other local business people who you trust who have lists of their own as well, consider exchanging information with them.

25. Automate Social Media Sharing

There are dozens if not hundreds of tools to automatically schedule content to be shared on your social media profiles.

Using a scheduling tool will save you SO much time and hassle on social media while still helping keep you top of mind with your audience.

Schedule a few weeks or months worth of posts at a time and then you can focus on other things. Don’t expect a lead on the first post. By staying relevant and top of mind when the timing is right for your prospect following you on social, they will think of you first.

26. Facebook Groups

You can find small businesses and other local Facebook groups. These are great places to mingle with local businesses and owners who could turn into clients. Don’t be salesy, just be present and helpful. If you write helpful blog articles, these are great places to share them in response to questions people ask.

27. Social Media Listening

Use a tool like Meltwater or Awario to track your brand’s mentions alongside any of your target keywords. You can get alerts when people mention your brand or keywords on social media or anywhere online. This allows you to respond to people talking about your agency and/or an insurance product or service that you can assist with.

28. Sending Your Clients Marketing Emails

Send out an email to your current customer list that describes the best kinds of services and products you have for certain types of clients. The key here is using a call to action where the individual receiving the email is asked to forward it to friends they would like to refer. This makes it very easy for your client to refer others to you and the prospect will be provided with all of your information that includes a description of themselves as the kind of individual you provide assistance to.

29. Lead Nurturing Process

Different leads obviously require you to use different approaches with them. You should sell right away to an active shopper. However, for leads who are not shopping actively at this time, you need to have a process developed that helps to nurture the relationship. For instance, if a lead’s x-date is in 6 months, send a few helpful emails during this time, along with a letter at the start of the month that explains you will be calling for a quote on a specific day. If you have contacted them 3 to 5 times and haven’t pushed for the sale, this cold lead will be fairly warm by the time you try to sell to them.

30. Stay Top of Mind

You should periodically emails your past clients just to stay top of mind. This type of content must be non-intrusive, such as a happy birthday email or a holiday email. This simply gets your audience’s attention and puts your brand on top of their mind so that they will be thinking of you when the time comes to make an insurance purchase.

31. Engagement/Marriage Announcements

Many people who are getting engaged or married place an announcement in their local newspapers. Those couples are ideal targets for insurance agents since they are frequently searching for new policies such as home or life but also entering into a new stage of their lives and tend to be more receptive to having conversations about how a trusted insurance agent can help them.

32. Sponsor a Local Team or Event

Sponsoring a local team or event won’t directly and immediately produce leads. However, this can get your brand on signs and around town. It builds trust and paints your image in a great light too. Additionally, it can be used to gain some media attention in local news outlets.

33. Free Consulting for Small Businesses

Engage people in your community by offering free consulting to small businesses in case you already have been an entrepreneur for some time. While it may seem like a waste of time to you, the fact is that you will get the most leads and referrals from your protege. It is also likely that your protege will make friends with other business owners who will need insurance in the future.

34. Trade Shows

If you are good at talking to industry professionals, you should go to trade shows as you can generate a good number of leads if you have the right insurance product for that particular trade.

For example, there are tons of real estate tradeshows where you could sell commercial insurance, make referral partners for homeowners insurance etc.


We hope these marketing ideas for insurance agents in 2019 will help make you work more efficiently and more effective. But if you’re like so many busy professionals and find you’re short on time, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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