Why Data Serves as The Backbone for Brands to Kick Off

“Why must have all the data to get started” is the question that many retailers and brands have asked. Does it help the business operator better understand their customers and business easily? In this conversation, ciValue VP of Marketing, Pearl Lieberman, will show you the development of data and the way building a retail media network including the following matters:

  • The way ciValue helps retailers deploy machine learning and AI
  • The way ciValue supplies pertinent and organized data for brand partners
  • Why must brands and retailers prioritize the development of data into Retail Media Networks
  • How to start developing data
  • How to help retailers remain defensible against increasingly popular DTC brand strategies through sharing customer data?
  • Why will the partnerships brands and retailers be forming help prepare for the metaverse and other future retail marketing efforts?


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Pearl Lieberman

ciValue’s Vice President of Marketing

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