Gravity Forms Styling-The Top 7 Styles & Layouts to Use

Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms lets you create beautiful designs for Gravity forms. It uses WordPress Customizer for providing styling options with easy to use controls.
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Gravity forms styling lets you create beautiful designs for Gravity forms. It uses WordPress Customizer for providing styling options with easy to use controls. The design changes you make with this Gravity Forms Styler plugin are instantaneously visible so, you can see how the form looks in real-time. Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin is the solution for all those looking to make their forms look beautiful within minutes and without any coding hassles.

Even if you are aware of how to edit CSS files and have done it in the past then you certainly know how much work it takes to style each and every aspect of the form. To make the task easier and more fun, Styles & Layouts for Gravity forms has controls like color picker, border types, font family that just reduces your task to selection instead of searching in Google about hex color codes, border types, font families, etc.

Features of Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms Plugin:

  • 150+ settings for form design
  • Create and save the different design for different forms
  • WYSIWYG experience while designing
  • Options to set the color, border, fonts, margin, padding, background and lot more
  • Change styling for header, title, description, text inputs, dropdown menus, checkboxes, error messages, confirmation messages, submit button and lot more
  • Intuitive user interface

9 Top Reasons to use Gravity Forms styling

Let’s take a look at nine useful things you can do using this Gravity Forms

#1 It’s easy to use

Gravity Forms offer an intuitive interface that is oh-so-easy to use. Simply click the field type you want to appear on your form and it is added to your form instantly! Can’t get better than that!

You can customize your fields by renaming them, rearranging them or defining set choices (for example: checkbox, select dropdown or radio button).

Upon the form’s submission, you can define exactly which notification email will be sent and you can select where your user is directed. You may choose for your user to see a custom message appear on the page they are on, or that they be directed to a separate page or an external URL.

It is easy for submitted form data to be passed on to a new page. Gravity Forms ensures all of this takes place within the WordPress interface and will store form submissions in the WordPress database.

#2 It’s secure

When working with WordPress and collecting form data, no doubt security is top of mind. Forms can be extremely vulnerable to hackers if they are not sanitised correctly. Gravity Forms is a safe, secure and solid plugin for those who do not want to risk their site being compromised.

#3 Anti-Spam Honeypot

Online forms are like a baited hook to spammers, but don’t think spammers bother visiting your site to complete your forms – instead, they send their bots to do that.

Gravity Forms’ Anti-Spam Honeypot works by adding an extra field to the form, which it then hides from view using Javascript. Users of your site will not see the field, so they will not fill it in. Seeing as these spam bots access your website using programs that don’t run Javascript, they will see the field and will fill it in. When Gravity Forms sees this field completed, it tags the submission as spam.

#4 Conditional Logic

Gravity Forms will show or hide forms based on your user’s response to certain fields. This leaves you with a clean form showing only relevant fields. This prevents both user confusion and the form from looking unnecessarily lengthy.

#5 You want to get paid

If you are running an eCommerce site, this one is ultra-important. Gravity Forms offers a complete set of Pricing Fields in addition to integrating perfectly with PayPal. If you want to offer multiple products with multiple pricing options, Gravity Forms can handle it (and will calculate shipping for you, too!).

#6 Avoid Form Fatigue with great features (multi-page forms, save & continue)

Gravity Forms offers a few features designed to help avoid form fatigue. One such feature is its multi-page option, which allows you to break your form up into separate pages.

Likewise, the Save & Continue feature allows users to create an account on your website and move through the form saving the form as they go. They are able to leave the form and return at a later time to continue completing the form with all previously entered data saved.

#7 Integration with 3rd party apps

Gravity Forms offers a variety of Add-Ons that will integrate with payment gateways, mailing lists, CRMs and communication tools. The integration options cover services such as DropBox, Fresh Books, PayPal, Help Scout, Slack and many more.

#8 Data Validation

There are over 30 different field types available with Gravity Forms, including fields whose input is limited. Limited fields are those that are limited to only allow certain data (numbers, telephone numbers, dates or email addresses). When users input data into these fields, Gravity Forms will validate the data and will let the user know when the information input doesn’t conform to the chosen type.

#9 Apply Your Own Design

You will find that Gravity Forms looks clean, professional and polished just as it comes, however if you would prefer your fields in columns, to display options horizontally or wish add a scroll box to a larger piece of text (such as a Privacy Policy or Ts & Cs) you are able to achieve this using the CSS classes. You are able to apply your own design using several included useful CSS classes on the form fields which will help you create your own look.

Top 7 best Gravity Forms styling:

  • Grid Layout
  • Material Design
  • Checkbox & Radio Styler
  • Bootstrap Design
  • Tooltips
  • Field Icons
  • Custom Themes

This Gravity Forms styler comes with 150+ options to customize various parts of form like form wrapper, form header, form title and description, submit button, radio inputs, checkbox inputs, paragraph textarea, labels, section breaks, descriptions, text inputs , dropdown menus, labels, sub labels, placeholders, list fields, confirmation message, error messages and more.

You can set CSS options like background color, font size, font family, borders, width, text alignment, margin, padding, font color, text decoration, text case, font weight, line height and more for all the sections. You are no longer required to use custom CSS codes to create the perfect Gravity Forms design template. The designs created with this plugin will work even if you change your theme. This is only Gravity Forms styler plugin you will ever need.

You can easily create responsive designs like having different font size, widths, line height etc on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

You can set a different style for each form.

1. Grid Layout

Grid Layout for Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms lets you divide the Gravity form into multiple columns. The plugin has easy to use drag and drop layout builder.

Features of Grid Layout Addon:

  • Drag and Drop layout builder
  • 20 predefined column layouts
  • Create 2 column layout
  • Create 3 column layout
  • Create 4 column layout
  • Create 5 column layout
  • Create 6 column layout
  • Automatically detect fields present in form
  • Divide radio and checkbox inputs into 2, 3, 4, 5 and inline layout
  • Live preview of changes

2. Material Design

Gravity Forms material design is a unique plugin that lets you convert your form into material design with single click directly from customizer. It is very easy to use and works with Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin so that you can fully customize the design as per your needs.

Features of Material Design Addon

  • Convert form into material design with one click
  • Change theme of material design
  • Ripple effect for radio, checkbox and submit button
  • Floating effect for labels and sub-labels
  • Option to convert check-boxes into switches
  • Works great with Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin

3. Checkbox & Radio Styler

Checkbox & Radio Styler extends the function of Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms so that you can add icons, animations, images, colors to checkbox and radio inputs. You can have styles for checkbox and radio inputs.

Features of Checkbox & Radio Styler Addon

  • Ability to have separate checkbox & radio styles for different forms.
  • Ability to have separate styles for checkbox and radios
  • Use fontawesome icons for checkbox & radio inputs
  • Use animations on checkbox and radio inputs
  • Use images for checkbox  inputs
  • Convert checkbox & radio to switches
  • Customize color of checkbox and radio inputs

4. Bootstrap Addon

Gravity form Bootstrap is an addon for Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms that lets you add bootstrap design to your forms with one click. This addon uses WordPress customizer so that you can preview the design of your form with bootstrap before applying it.

Features of Bootstrap for Gravity Forms

  • Apply Bootstrap on any form with one click.
  • Change theme of Bootstrap
  • Add stripes or animated stripes to progress bar
  • Live preview of all the changes

5. Tooltips Addon

Tooltips addon for Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms plugins lets you easily add tooltips to field labels of Gravity Forms. It comes with multiple options to configure the style of tooltip icon and text.

Features of Tooltips Addon

  • Automatically detects all form fields and show them in customizer
  • Automatically adds tooltip icon to fields for which tooltip text added
  • Select from 9 different tooltip icons
  • Option to change size of tooltip icon
  • Option to add margin between field label and tooltip icon
  • Select from 6 different tooltip themes
  • Option to set width of tooltip text
  • Change animation style for tooltip
  • Option to change position of tooltip
  • Live preview all changes

6. Field Icons

Field Icons addon for Styles & Layouts for Gravity Forms lets you add icons to Gravity Form fields. This will make your forms look more elegant.

Features of Field Icons addon

  • Support for Fontawesome Icons
  • Support for Image Icons
  • Automatically detect fields present inside the form.
  • Automatically resize the icons to fit inside fields
  • Set position of icons inside fields
  • Set padding for fields with icons
  • Support for phone, single line input, quantity, custom post fields, post tags, post title, date, email, website, address, name and number fields

7. Custom Themes

Custom Themes addon for Styles and Layouts for Gravity Forms plugin lets you save your own themes. Once you have designed a form then you can save it as a theme and apply on other forms. This will save a lot of time and hassle for those who have multiple forms in their website and need consistent design for all their forms.

Features of Custom Themes Addon

  • Create and save unlimited themes
  • Ability to delete themes
  • Ability to modify design of form even after a theme is applied


Gravity Forms makes creating great forms simple, Features such as conditional logic, the anti-spam honeypot and 3rd party integration will ensure your forms will appear elegant and uncluttered while they work hard to gather data.

Gravity Forms is one pretty impressive plugin, packed full of advanced features and options. While the types of forms you will be able to create is almost endless, and the features offered are very advanced, Gravity Forms remains very easy to use.

Overall, Gravity Forms is a brilliant plug in for WordPress users. If you’re considering Gravity Forms for your website, but concerned about how to recreate your existing forms in a new plugin, keep in mind there are a few free plugins on offer to help you through the migration process.

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