15 Marketing Ideas for Landscaping Service

Landscaping marketing ideas help you attract potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. Here are some of the best gardening advertising ideas to be consider.
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Landscaping service marketing helps you attract potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. Now, to win potential clients and, then, turn them into your loyal customers requires a clear marketing strategy. You must have a clear picture of the local market where you want to target customers. So, a lot of research is essential to do to have an insight into your niche and competition. You will use social media, advertising, and many simple to complex tools to drive clients. In fact, you need to consider many aspects of marketing for operating your landscaping business successfully. In this article, we will show the best landscaping marketing ideas. You can refer to them.    

Top 15 Landscaping Marketing Ideas

1. Market Your Lawn Care Business Before Peak Season

Peak season for landscaping business typically starts in spring and continues till fall, depending on a locality. But do not wait for the season to start. If you do, then you will lag behind other companies that have already launched their marketing well ahead of the season. They will win the landscaping contracts, not you. To beat them in the marketing game, try to be the first to reach out to customers and contact them more often. Use advertisement as a means of reaching out to them. As they see your ads regularly, many of them will ask for your services.

Marketing in the peak season can be great but it also puts your small business at risk. This is because you are busy fulfilling the demands of the customers, leaving you with no time to implement new strategies. The best idea is to market your landscaping small business before peak season. That way when the busy season hits, you can aim for what truly matters to grow your small business. 

The concept of nurturing leads is the best to consider when you want to market your lawn care business before busy season. It is the process of developing relationships with customers at every stage of sales funnel starting with bringing awareness, informing about services, engaging and converting visitors to clients.

2. Foster Customer Loyalty for Long-Term Success

To overcome the hurdles created by the rivals it is important to have organic and loyal customers. A loyal customer is responsible for consistent landscaping business growth. You can cultivate customer loyalty with logo designing. This will not only help you enhance brand recognition but also develop customer loyalty.

As brand grows, a logo also becomes familiar among customers. As a result, it creates the perception that you are the trustworthy and accessible lawn care service provider.

Your logo can provide customers useful information about your company. You can generate trust among customers when you have a logo that positively communicates with them. It leaves a strong impression on your potential customers that drives them back to your business. Hence, we can say that logo is the iconic symbol for your brand recognition.

Remember also that a creative logo design is a proven way to make a good first impression on customers. Such a logo will project your landscaping works as something they would like to put their trust on. Also, keep in mind that the logo will appear on all of your products and services. For example, your landscaping truck will display the logo prominently, and people will see it from a great distance. That is one of the ways for people to identify your landscaping business. Once they recognize your company, they will hopefully refer your company to anyone in need of similar services.

3. Develop a Referral Strategy to Grow your Small Business Faster

One of the best landscaping marketing ideas is to develop a referral strategy. Try to generate more customers referrals from the existing satisfied customers. A Referral program helps you decrease the sales budget while focusing on the customers who are already satisfied with your landscaping service.

You can provide them a coupon or other beneficial deal on a future service whenever they refer to another customer. Along with this, sending notes or reminder to your potential customers on their birthday can be a positive approach which helps you drive more sales. A referral strategy is also known as word-of-mouth advertisement.

4. Respond to Online Reviews Help You Build Positive Reputation

How to get more landscaping customers? If this is the question revolving in your mind, then here is the solution.

No matter how big or small your landscaping business, it can have a bad day which ends up affecting customer’s experience. This leads to one of the most difficult to deal situation in this digital world – a negative online review.

Monitoring and responding to each and every customer review help you increase your small business rating in the near future.

5. Drive More Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Who doesn’t want their landscaping business to appear on the top whenever the customer searches on Google search engine. Everyone, Right! Search engine optimization i.e. SEO is one of the best landscaping marketing ideas that you can implement in your small business plan.

It not only helps your landscaping business rank on the top of the Google search engine but also boosts your online visibility. Eventually, this helps you drive more website traffic.

6. Target Your Ideal Customers

Reaching out to a whole spectrum of customers is not possible for all small business including your landscaping startup. Therefore, target a small section of the customers only to begin with. Know your ideal customer for the business. To find out who is more likely to ask for your services, research your local market. You will know which area of the industry has fewer competitors. You will come to understand what special services will create your niche market. Then, target that specific set of clients in your marketing campaign.

But who could be your customer of landscaping business? There are so many, but you can always pinpoint them to find your niche. They may be homeowners who do not have the time, vision, and skills to maintain their lawn in excellent condition. There may also be some new homeowners who want to give a decent look to their property. Then, some homeowners want to sell their property at higher prices by landscaping. Or, residential and commercial builders of properties could be your ideal customers.

Other potential customers for your lawn care business include homeowners who are usually out of town for different reasons. Many people leave their winter homes for some warmer locations. They may ask for your services to take care of their lawns. Besides, there are managers of botanical gardens, government entities, cemeteries, historic buildings, and municipalities who need landscaping services. Such customers even come to you from the far away areas due to your exclusive services. Someone from a distant side of town may call you to mow the lawn.

After you identify your prospect customers, target them with all your marketing means. After knowing where your ideal customers come from, generate a logo, especially targeting them by putting the logo everywhere on your advertisements for the landscaping business. You can also start a direct mail campaign that targets the homeowners who are likely to call you for landscaping. But the mail should have useful information such as enticing offers of prices for your clients.

7. Build a Portfolio Site

Build a dedicated portfolio for your landscaping business to showcase only those projects that you think are your best work. Put images of those projects in the portfolio to make an excellent impression on the visitors.

Also, review your portfolio regularly to show-off your latest strong work. But ensure that the portfolio is a unique and memorable design too.

8. Skyrocket Your Landscaping Business with PPC Marketing

Looking for more leads and booked jobs for your landscaping business? If you’re not investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising, you’re missing out something great. There are many savvy landscaping companies that know that key to getting more leads and booked jobs from the web is to maximize your first-page real estate on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is considered as one of the best tools that you can implement in your landscaping marketing ideas to boost your small business. Here you can run ads and you pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can measure anything that is related to a PPC campaign from costs, profits, views, clicks, visits and many more.

From the initial step of the PPC campaign, you know how much you have spent and if you are generating profit or a loss. Implement it today and take your business to another level.

9. Email Marketing – A Great Way to Reach Potential Customers

Email marketing considered one of the best landscaping marketing ideas to get your small business in front of maximum customers. It is an important way to grow your small business in this fast-growing world of online marketing. The most popular form of email marketing is newsletters or flyers. You can create creative flyers including all the information like special promotions or offers, daily deals emails, solo blasts, follow-up sequences, and autoresponders.

Sending newsletters or flyers in the mail is a powerful way to keep your regular clients or targeted audience up-to-date with your business events or special offers. From increasing your brand recognition, connecting with the target audience to enhancing your credibility, implementing email marketing provides all.

Besides that, email marketing is also a great way to drive your customers back to your landscaping website.

10. Participates in Events and Shows

Many events and shows may be taking place in your town. Some of them may be exclusively on landscaping and related activities. Turn these shows into a brand-building exercise for your landscaping business. Thus, you have a great opportunity at hand to meet with some experts in the industry as well as people who are your potential clients.

When you’re mingling with the crowd and engaging the attendees in conversation, give the potential clients your business card. A surefire means to make your potential clients be in touch with your small business is to provide them with your landscaping business cards. The card holds your contact information like website and email address, phone number, etc. Make the card design attractive so that the recipients keep it with them for a more extended period.

11. Develop Long and Actionable Content to Outrank Your Competitors

Content is the key element for your landscaping website. Therefore, it is very important to create effective and user-friendly content depicting your services. Whether you want to increase small business revenue, brand awareness, or client retention, content marketing is considered one of the best landscaping marketing ideas.

It is advisable to create long and actionable blogs as they can easily outrank the shorter ones. According to the studies, longer content tends to attract more backlinks. As a result, your Google search engine ranking improves.

Creating long-form content i.e. approximately 1500+ words with high-quality links is the new content strategy that is in trend. Long content helps to rank your landscaping website for a variety of long-tail keywords. Besides that, it generates new business opportunities for you in a longer timeframe.

Overall, the main reason behind creating longer articles and posting on your landscaping website is it attracts organic traffic from google timelessly.

12. Social Media – An Ultimate Landscaping Marketing Idea

Social media is growing at a rapid pace all over the world. Most of Americans use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to improve their company’s visibility. This has been observed in the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the USA.

As a result, when you share your landscaping business relevant content on these social networks it reaches to users rapidly.

You can create a personal relationship with your targeted customers and clients. It is allowing customers to know you, increasing their trust in your company, and providing them value without asking them for anything. Hence, we can say that social media marketing is one of the great marketing strategies for the landscaping business as it helps to increase your potential customers.

13. Stop Losing Potential Clients with Fill-In Form Services

This is one of the simplest methods when you are looking for landscaping marketing ideas. Here you need to capture the identity of those interested prospects so you can follow up with them later. This will keep your landscaping business at top of the mind so when they need your services, they’ll call you!

An effective lead capturing form works by offering your visitor something useful – a FREE estimate, for example, FREE lawn care ideas – in exchange of email address. Once you got their email address, you can email them with special offers and updates regularly!

14. Develop Creative Website Design to Gain More Sales

As a professional landscaper, your aim is to provide a satisfactory feeling to potential customers when they visit your website for specific information. Design your website which enhances the user experience means it should be easy to understand and which define your company’s identity.

Also, your landscaping landing page should be mobile responsive and it should comply with search engines updates so that your targeted customers can easily reach your business with ease.

With the help of a landscaping marketing agency providing website design and development services, you can easily create engaging and creative website landing pages. They help you gain more leads by adding all the relevant and potential design elements to your website. Overall, having a creative landscaping website enhances your brand online presence, making it easy to navigate while providing a better experience for visitors.

15. Do Some Jobs for Free

Your new landscaping business should do some jobs free, especially for high profile clients. If they like your work, they will surely speak to people in their community about your new business. You can also advertise the quality of the free project work in your television commercials.

Use the photos of the great free landscaping work you did on your websites and portfolios etc. So, hire a freelance graphic designer to incorporate these images beautifully in your ads, etc. promotional strategies.

Besides knowing how to design and create beautiful outdoor spaces, it is also important to have a beautifully designed and up-to-date website.

First impressions go a long way and your website is often the first thing people look at while they research.

Having a website is an important part of marketing your small landscaping business in order to let people learn about your company and services before they decide to contact you.

Here’s 15 examples of landscaping business websites that we think you can learn some tips to help improve your website.

15 Landscaping Websites with Great Curb Appeal

1. Wheat’s Lawn & Custom Landscape

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Courtesy: Wheat’s Lawn & Custom Landscape

Upon entering Wheat’s Lawn and Custom Landscape’s website, you’re immediately hit with a beautiful landscape slideshow gallery.

The green arrow at the bottom automatically leads you down the page to read more information about their services and a contact form for consultation.

The main navigation remains static as you scroll up and down the page with the company’s phone number placed prominently at the top left corner.

2. Dunner’s Lawn Service

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 2
Courtesy: Dunner’s Lawn Service

The first thing to jump out at you when you visit Dunner’s Lawn Service’s website is their “100% Service Guarantee” promise. With this claim, they are positioning themselves as a leader among their competitors and the statement also gives you a reason to want to call them. When you scroll down you get a full sense of services they provide including, spring and fall clean-up, snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping.

The arrows prompt you to scroll further down the page to give you more detailed information about their services. It is also important to note, they have a “Contact Us” button throughout each section, encouraging you to inquire more about their services.

3. JGM Landscaping INC

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 3
Courtesy: JGM Landscaping INC

JGM Landscaping uses a combination of text and photographs to catch your attention once you land on their website. The photos combined with detailed text, showcases key information about who they are and what they do as a company.

Their logo is prominent and their contact information is large and clear for people to find in order to contact them to inquire about their services.

4. Blake Landscapes

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 4
Courtesy: Blake Landscapes

Blake Landscapes’ has a visually stunning website. The main focus of the page is the large cascading photographs that highlight their commercial and residential landscape work.

The pink rose background helps to compliment and highlight the important sections of the website — company logo, menu, telephone number and their banner for a free consultation.

5. TLC Landscaping

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 5
Courtesy: TLC Landscaping

TLC Landscaping’s website uses big and bold visuals with minimal text to highlight their services. The use of the color navy is a nice contrast to help showcase their main three images, logos, and text.

The layout is simple and well balanced, making the information clearly seen.

6. Oriole Landscaping

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 6
Courtesy: Oriole Landscaping

Oriole Landscapings’ website cleverly uses images of landscaping materials (hardwood flooring and bricks) to create a border for their page. The prominent use of brown and green colors throughout website helps to create a comfortable earthy feeling.

The green button on the main image persuades you to look at their landscaping portfolio. There is also a call to action on their navigation menu to contact them by telephone or online form.

7. Andrew F. Gillespie Tree Service, Landscape Design & Install

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 7
Courtesy: Andrew F. Gillespie Tree Service, Landscape Design & Install

Here is another beautiful website that uses different shades of green to emphasize the company’s information — contact info, location and the services provided. The use of green throughout the website also helps to tie in the theme of “bringing nature into your space.”

The main cascading images are cleverly shaped, leading you to scroll down the page to read more detailed descriptions of their services.

8. BWS Landscaping

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 8
Courtesy: BWS Landscaping

BWS Landscaping’s website strongest selling point is their simplicity. Once you open their page, you know immediately they offer landscaping services. The simple and clean design places emphasis on their landscaping photos.

The dark background highlights their text descriptions, logo and phone number, making it easy for people to find the information right away.

9. Groff Landscape Design

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 9
Courtesy: Groff Landscape Design

Groff Landscape Design’s website uses a simple layout and navigation menu to emphasize their “low stress” theme. To further highlight the “low stress” theme, the cascading high resolution images and colors give a relaxed feeling to the people looking at the site.

The arrow naturally leads you down the page to watch their video of clients who’ve used their services. Once you’ve watched the video, there is contact information at the bottom.

10. Salisbury Landscaping

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 10
Courtesy: Salisbury Landscaping

Salisbury Landscaping makes a great first impression with their website. The site provides website visitors with straightforward navigation and easy-to-find contact information. In addition to a clearly labeled Contact page, the company’s contact information is consistently located in the header and footer of every page.

11. Robinson Environmental Design

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 11
Courtesy: Robinson Environmental Design

Many landscape installations aren’t completed overnight, so if you offer services that involve a longer process, make sure your customers know you’ll guide them through every step.

Robinson Environmental Design’s website clearly communicates their process; from the first meeting, through to design, installation, and maintenance.

When you’re thinking about content for your website, think about the questions your potential customers have and answer those questions. Explain your process and provide information on what it’s like to work with your company.

12. Campbell & Ferrara Outdoor Living

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 12
Courtesy: Campbell & Ferrara Outdoor Living

The first thing to catch your eyes once you land on Campbell Ferrara’s website is their logo. The logo helps to highlight the longevity and success of the company.

Another thing that catches your eye is their “Request Landscape Consultation” button. It is placed evidently in green at the top of their page, along with their social media links and other contact info.

13. Lawn Doctor

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 13
Courtesy: Lawn Doctor

More than 80% of local consumers trust web reviews as much as personal recommendations, so use your website as a way to show off customer testimonials and reviews. Lawn Doctor has reviews listed on their website which demonstrate their commitment to service and excellence.

Find ways to incorporate the testimonials of happy customers into your website. Accreditations, rankings, and online reviews are great ways showcase a small business’s reliability and trustworthiness.

14. Northwestern Landscaping

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 14
Courtesy: Northwestern Landscaping

Northwestern Landscaping gets it. They do great work and they let their portfolio shine on their website.

The website uses photos on the homepage to help describe their services and the Gallery page of their website showcases their incredible portfolio and some of the great work they’ve done.

You do great work for your clients, so advertise your work in an online portfolio! Show your customers what you can do for them by including photos of past jobs.

15. High Tech Landscapes Inc

Things You Need To Know About Landscaping Service Marketing-fig 15
Courtesy: High Tech Landscapes Inc

A blog can help establish your expertise in the landscaping industry and it can be a great way to share tips and advice with potential customers. High Tech Landscapes Inc. has done a great job with their blog. They post new articles regularly providing tips and advice, and they also use their blog to highlight happy customers and provide testimonials.

Demonstrate your company’s credibility with a company blog and social media presence. If you are planning on having a blog on your website make sure you have a plan to update the blog regularly.


If you want customers to find you, you need to go where your customers are looking—you need to be online. Your website doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Use these websites and accompanying tips for inspiration for your next website or website redesign.

We know that running a landscaping business is a full-time job and then some. With employees to manage, proposals to write, leads to follow up, landscaper marketing can be a difficult piece to juggle. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

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