Serena Dao

Serena Dao

EnvZone Staff

Influencer Marketing Operations

Serena is an Influencer Marketing Operations with a passion counseling client in the strategy, execution and measurement of integrated innovative software development operation in the areas of healthcare, hospitality, travel and education.

She is knowledgeable in a number of tech operation solutions to support our clients reach and exceed the business goals. She is passionate about connecting people and organizations with the custom solutions they need to reach their highest potential.

Out of working hours, she enjoys going to the hand-made workshop, cinema and musical theater to be inspired by the creativeness. She has the artistic personality so if you meet her by any chance, she may be drawing or reading some design related books but don’t be hesitate to say “Hello”.

Certifications and Badges

  • asset representative
  • creative strategist
  • highly responsive
  • ip protection
  • Effective Coordinator

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