7 Successful Telemedicine Companies and the 3 Driving Factors

Telemedicine is not a new area of healthcare but it still has many aspects to explore. Therefore, for telemedicine company, to be successful, there are many factors to consider. Here are some of them!
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Nowadays, hospitals, medical centers, healthcare organizations are taking steps to access telemedicine technology. Many studies have shown telemedicine is a convenient, comfortable and inexpensive solution for medical treatment, in fact, it is providing quality services and generating revenue. Since then, there has been a growing demand for telemedicine that leads to the development of telemedicine companies.

The 3 Driving Factors

Maintain the Vendor Relations and User-Friendly Platform

Luckily, because many doctors want to practice online nowadays, it is not so difficult to find good doctor teams. But instead of just having good medical performance, the professionals also have to learn website manner. Many years ago, when we thought about telemedicine, it came to a picture that a medical expert would communicate with a customer via the phone for a brief consultation. But today, with the development of computers and smartphones, video involving consultations allow people having face-to-face communication without traveling, an art to making the video visit experience relaxed and helpful for patients is necessary. It includes some basic things such as having a bright, non-distracted background; looking directly into the camera to making eye contact, controlling unnecessary movements of the body; dressing properly, giving the patient time to ask and ensuring them to get the instructions.

People often go to telemedicine website when the symptoms are simple, non-emergency such as fever, rashes, urinary tract infections (UTI), gastrointestinal problems, allergies, prescription refills, etc

That makes telemedicine doctors have to recognize the common diseases well, have the good verbal ability to create trust and know how to deal with overreacted patients.

Focus on the Niche

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There are promising areas for telemedicine services implementations:

  • Provide telemedicine service for patients in remote areas lacking medical centers
  • Provide telemedicine service for Department of Veteran Affairs’ care providers to practice telemedicine
  • Support elderly people who cannot visit a doctor face-to-face without leaving the house
  • Critical care for patients who have difficulty in moving from one facility to another. They may be premature infants, patients in really bad health conditions or recovery stage
  • Emergency support, connect the surgeon with ambulance teams to help them identify the problem fast and have the decision right away

Adopt the Right Technology

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To be successful in telemedicine, you must have reliable telemedicine technology partners. Based on the area you selected above, the type of technology and software must meet the needs. That’s why finding the right IT company, which understands exactly what you need in the telemedicine field, is extremely important. Define what you need from your technology provider, such as communication options, connection webs, maintenance periods, etc. Remember to ask if your technology partner can help you integrate your telemedicine services with the current facility.

Here are some telemedicine companies that I think they have done really nice work!

Top Telemedicine Companies

1. CareClix

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Courtesy: CareClix

Providing affordable, helpful and convenient telemedicine service is one of CareClix’s efforts to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. CareClix is 24/7 available with worldwide activity, it helps you find out your diseases via video chat with experts, prescribe your medicines, etc. anywhere and anytime. Some of the services they offer are infectious diseases, primary care, urgent care, pediatrics, etc. CareClix also accepts most private insurance plans.

2. MeMD

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Courtesy: MeMD

MeMD is the company that specializes in providing basic telemedicine services, such as connecting patients with doctors by phone or online video chat. MeMD is the first choice for visitors who are in the non-urgent situation, and just want to ask some medical questions. Besides, the doctor can also receive your test and give you the prescription that is valid throughout the U.S.

3. Teladoc

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Courtesy: Teladoc

Teladoc was launched in 2002 in Dallas, Texas. It is the oldest and largest telemedicine company in United States. Teledoc makes sure that the service will be provided by state-certificated doctors 24 hours a day, supporting non-emergency situations, common diseases like pinkeye, sore throat, fever, etc or psychological counseling such as depression, addiction, and sexual desire disorder.

4. iCliniq

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Courtesy: iCliniq

iCliniq is the top telemedicine consulting company. It covers a variety of services and areas of consultation such as psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, dentistry, sexology, dermatology, etc.

With more than 1000 high-skilled doctors covering above 80 different specialties always ready to answer your written questions or video call 24/7/365. iCliniq also has a “virtual hospital” that provides convenient services for medical experts and medical centers.

iCliniq has a global scope of operations, it keeps the cost as low as possible, about $19.99 per visit but does not affect the service quality.

5. Doctor on Demand

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Courtesy: Doctor on Demand

One thing that makes Doctor on Demand stand out from competitors is that it has the ‘favorite’ function. That means you can add your trusted doctors to your list so that you can make appointments with them in the future. With reasonable cost, starting at $40 each case, free at first visit, good services with many positive reviews, Doctor on Demand is becoming the dark horse of the telemedicine race.

6. Specialists On Call

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Courtesy: SOS Telemed

Specialists on Call is an example of a company that provides service to medical center instead of individual patients. It is designed as a place for physicians at medical facilities around the U.S to practice and an intermediary to help health centers get support from specialists. For example, if a hospital needs a specialist in dermatology, it can arrange a video consultation with one of Specialist On Call’s dermatologist just by a few clicks.

7. LiveHealth Online

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Courtesy: LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is one of the few telemedicine websites that allows users to choose the doctor they want to receive advice from via two-way video conferencing. All you have to do is log in, choose the appropriate doctor who is available and ask for an online meeting. Just like other websites, LiveHealth Online doctors operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The Bright Future of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the next step for healthcare. Many investors invest in telemedicine companies currently because of the early recognition of its potential. Telemedicine makes it easier than ever to receive medical treatment, it’s also an affordable option for people without insurance. With the popularity and expansion of the internet, combined with the development of interactive methods: high image and audio transmission speed, high picture quality, it will soon get rid of barriers and become easier to access. Thus, telemedicine will be the future of healthcare, a bright one.

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