Tech Companies Create App to Plan an Incredible Trip in Denver

You are so bored and pressured that need a trip to be balanced? But planning a trip is stressful? Let’s this APP give you a hand!
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Denver, Colorado is a potential place for travel companies to invest, which is also an opportunity for tech companies in Denver to provide the technical service.

Colorado has become one of the most fascinating national travel destinations over the past ten years. The domestic visitors in Colorado has increased by 41 percent, more than double the US growth rate. The most popular place to visit in Colorado is Denver. Denver gets about 20 percent of the visitors in the state but accounts for 50 percent of all in-state tourism expense. According to the state research, 6 in 10 vacationers of Colorado come to Denver, and 45 percent spent one night at least.

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In Denver, there are a lot of outstanding tourist attractions, which is an advantage for tourism in Denver. However, for the leisure travelers who have low budget, planning where to go and what to do to on a budget and relaxing at the same time is uneasy. That makes having a planner APP a recommended thing to do for visitors. Besides, this APP can be a powerful tool for travel related business.

So, What Trip Planner App Brings to Business?

No matter if you work in travel business as a service supplier or just attempt to become a good introducer between services and customers, having an APP in this travel industry is a should-do. Let’s talk about some benefits of travel app for your business:

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  • Increase your brand recognition: Because of its feature, traveling, the APP will be used on-the-go, that means the frequency of your brand appearing is high, it leads to the growth in brand awareness.
  • Attract new customers: Through app stores and the available APP user reviews, the APP can generate new customers for the business: they may be the restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc. or just general visitors.
  • Update the new travel trend: Through the information statistic collecting from the search engine via the APP and the user’s blog, you are up to date with current favorite travel activities. This will help you develop a coherent strategy for the business.

Some Technologies Included in the App Can Be Provided by Tech Companies in Denver

Travel Itinerary Generator

The main tool of the APP. With the sorting function by price, distance, ratings, etc., it can synthesize information to create the best option in making plans. 

GPS and Navigation

Locating the recent place, giving detail information about the route and the area around. Every app for tourism needs a geolocation feature. Users need this feature even in MVP and beta-version.

Booking Service

Linking with the local restaurant, accommodation booking system.

Social Media Sharing

Connecting with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to allow users to have real-time sharing. Besides, the APP also supports sharing in the official users’ blog zone of which appearance is similar to the Facebook homepage.

Weather Forecast

Taking direct information from Colorado weather forecast. Updating real-time weather of a specific location including wind speed, UV index, temperature, etc.

Reviews and Recommendations

A platform for leaving and reading reviews, recommendations. For anyone who is lazy and doesn’t want to waste the time experience the place by his or herself which is kind of risky, reading reviews of the previous traveler may be a good idea to come to a decision.

Some Functions of the Trip Planner APP

Giving suggestions about where to stay, eat and travel base on the budget you established for the trip. The APP will rank the importance of the criteria set up before, then it will synthesize the available information in order to make an option list for you to choose.

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Personalizing the Trip:

By adding some information: age, gender, your interest types of trip such as soul healing, discovering, religious, etc., your list of suggestion will try to fit you the most.

Optimizing the Travel Route:

You don’t have to think about how to optimize the route. The APP will create the shortest, safest route between your destinations via GPS and MAP. You will be mind-free, money and time-saving.

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Booking Hotel and Restaurants:

Besides giving suggestions about where to eat and stay, it can help you book restaurant tables and hotel rooms.

Creating the Travel Diary:

The APP records the distance you have gone, where you have been, etc. Besides, you can add photos and tell some stories to create your own travel diary. The diary can be published on social media and the official sharing zone of APP users.

Giving Must-Have Tips in Denver:

Even the Sperling’s Comfort Index for Denver is a 72 out of 100, a high number, there may have bad weather, local problems or incidents that ruin your trip. This APP can help you anticipate by giving some helpful real-time tips.

Let us Help You Choose Travel APP Development Team!

Having a suitable APP development team is the most important thing. The development team should have the general looks about what your company supposes to develop. If you are not confident about finding your true developer, do not hesitate to contact us, Envzone, the top provider of custom software development and IT consulting services located in Denver with over a hundred IT and software developers located internationally.


For APP users, the trip planner APP is not only helping them set up a nice trip but also saving their moment and money. For travel companies, the APP is a promising strategy that brings them a lot of advantages, from brand awareness, sales driving to new customer attraction. After all, Trip Planner APP is a worthy product for Tech companies in Denver to build.

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