Lina Tran

Lina Tran

EnvZone Staff

Business Performance Analyst

Joining EnvZone with a focus on performance analysis, Lina is thrilled to explore the business world by covering the ups and downs of hundreds of companies from which her clients can refer to. Lina’s experiences involve with content writing and ideas implementation through which she gained most of her Marketing insights from. Her past works dealt mainly with problems in non-profit organizations, specifically in education and environment. Joining EnvZone will completely bring new perspectives to her career path.

You are likely to find Lina at a vintage coffee or a nice restaurant as she frequently visits those places either for work or casual hangouts. She is also deeply interested in grandiose subjects discussing philosophy or psychology which she finds essential to every job she works on. Lina also recharges by being an active member in sports like climbing, boxing or gym.

Lina Tran's Certification

  • industry analyzer
  • creative strategist
  • asset representative
  • asset management
  • performance inspector

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