Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established as Thought Leaders

Marketing roles in engineering firms are uniquely different from B2C-based business. More than just promoting digital corporate image, it is about building authority by establishing industry thought leaders in an effort to win procurement.
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It’s astonishing that most engineering websites out there in the designing and construction space are so unremarkable and difficult to navigate. Some appear to be worked during the beginning of the web and can simply find in the obsolete websites list.

As a result, if your business wants to survive sustainably for the long term, then don’t mind spending a few minutes to gain helpful knowledge from this post!

Why Engineering Firms Should Invest to Have the Best Website Design

In 2019, the engineering industry is expanding with several businesses, ranging from small businesses to top enterprises, jumping into the market. In order to stand out from the crowd, you should have capabilities to draw the users’ attention and stay engaging with the audience. Hence, architecture/ engineering firm’s marketing has a significant impact on brand enhancement to win business in the procurement process. In this post, I emphasize one of the marketing tactics which are website designs.

Investment in a website definitely yields positive business performance. Prospective clients, potential partners, and selection committee members from agencies visit sites to conduct due diligence in screening activities. In different saying, it helps to increase the likelihood that your prospect will contact you, and be interested in learning more about your business instead of your competitors.

Here are 3 areas that your firm should look at:

An online presence

Your firm’s website is an online presence, where people can make a judgment by the first impression. If you appear with a shabby appearance, maybe people will not look down on you but not appreciate and trust you at all. In contrast, if you dress professionally and look elegant, they will think you as a knowledgeable person. So does a website.

Site visitors will make a judgment on your organization depends on what your site resembles, how professional and usable it is, and how easy to use it is. In addition, because reputation, trust, and credibility mean everything in this industry, a perfect website extends a picture of an expert, set up, fruitful and financially permanent organization.

Demonstrate expertise and showcase your voice

It is essential to showcase staff profiles who hold board advisor roles of a local chapter, or a regional non-profit organization. For example, Society of American Highway Engineers, Water Environment Federation, Society of American Military Engineers, etc. is where most of the engineering industry fellows network and learn from each other.

A monthly or quarterly featured post of involvement in these organizations on your website would signal that your company is committed to a good cause of the community. It is a plus when the company does business with local agencies.

Positive user experience (UX)

UX indicates how visitors feel through interaction with your site. Clutter design, poor content structure is frustrating and makes an enduring negative impression. Bad user experience could make visitors leave the website and move on to your competitors. Leaving the site without coming back is the worst because you can’t convert them in any type of form.

Positive UX, in contrast, encourages trust and conveys trustworthiness. Putting yourself in the user’s shoes, you would like to experience a friendly and easy-to-use website. Visitors feel appreciate if they feel their time spent on the website is worth it. Most importantly, they will come back.

5 Handy Tips for Quick Implementation

Tip #1: Differentiate yourself from your competitor – keep it simple, unique

Your site shows your brand image. An authentic and professional design will capture the user’s attention and ultimately build trust. In the event that you utilize a generic template and your site looks the same number of other sites, you’ll pass up on a chance to make an exceptional impression. As a client, why should he put his effort to remember your site when he has seen many other same websites?

You don’t need your site to look precisely like any competitors. Indeed, it’s particularly significant that an engineering firm has an imaginative site since you are attempting to sell your customers on your past projects or performance.

Tip #2: Showcase past projects or case studies

Past projects would be a great illustration of what actual performance your engineering company delivered. By presenting previous projects, the prospect would look into the real quality or real process of your work. When you showcase pictures of the local job site where your firm completed, users will likewise remember them and be inspired by your capability to pursue local projects.

Tip #3: Focus on-site load times

Internet users are getting more and more impatient when access sites, hence, they are unwilling to spend time waiting for web loading. If your site configuration is graphically extraordinary, you must ensure the visual elements are optimized for quick render. This is particularly basic in case you’re serving an enormous audience base and anticipate that considerable traffic should your site. You can improve your site load times by picking great hosts.

Tip #4: Clear contact information 

There is nothing more frustrating than digging the whole website for contact information. When visitors can’t find your contact information quick enough, they will get baffled and surf away from your site without giving away their contact information.

Your contact information ought to be shown noticeably in a similar area on each page. You ought to likewise incorporate a “contact us” page, as individuals are adapted to search for these on sites.

Additionally, consider using an appointment booking system like Calendly to integrate into your “contact us” page. This would be helpful since users from this profession prefer to keep track of their overwhelmed meeting appointments in well-ordered.

Tip #5: Must be responsive on mobile devices

How many people around you do not have a smartphone? The answer probably is rare or a few. In the world with progress technologies, over 90% of people own their smartphone ranged from the worst to the best quality. Regardless of which quality, the smartphone has the basic function which is surfing the internet. As such, clients can reach your site with a smartphone where a website should be suited to these small screens.

A design idea known as the responsive structure is the most ideal approach to oblige these small screen measures and keep a visitor from leaving your site for a competitor’s. The responsive design naturally changes the substance showed to coordinate screens of any size. This will guarantee that your site is completely user and mobile-friendly and doesn’t coincidentally send potential leads away. It’s vague to express the best website design through words. I would like to indicate by providing some real top-notch website images. Let’s take a brief look at the next section.

6 Top-Notch Website Designs of Engineering Firms

 #1: KBR

Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-KBR
Courtesy: KBR

The animation, opening video and photos, the professional design brings liveliness to visitors and modernizes this site.  A video joined slideshow brings guests into the site. Large photographs welcome guests on each page of the site. This is unquestionably attractive and outwardly engaging.

Animation can be found all through, including a flare of structure, either by floating over various segments or looking down the pages. Some reality achievements of past procurement are demonstrated by real photos. Modernity delivers inspiration to the firm’s site, which is tempting to watchers since it is interesting and it may hold their consideration somewhat more.


Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-AECOM
Courtesy: AECOM

Fixed backgrounds, unique slideshow switch and project information position this site be on the top-notch list of best website design. The background is a fixed and unique photo but automatically switched after a certain amount of time.

The organization’s abilities are a piece of the starting slideshow on the landing page, each image connections to specific assistance. This is a one of a kind turn on the conventional opening slideshow and it gives data to the watchers right away. Visitor’s attention addressed with featured project and video for further down the page, urging them to tap on it and investigate the remainder of the ventures.

#3: Parsons

Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-Parsons
Courtesy: Parsons

As known with the technology-focused and intelligence engineering firm, its website just simply captures those core values on the first arrived the web by showing their capabilities to “Unlock the Power of Innovation” and ”challenges with the world’s smartest solutions”.

Simple, unique but intelligent. Being at the highly technical field Parson has got an excellent approach of showcasing complex images in a clean way that has an engaging visual influence. I mean the main page inspires the intelligence capabilities of an organization by a simple but sophisticated design photo. Furthermore, viewers can quickly get an informative section just by a click on the main interface.

#4: Tetra Tech

Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-Tetra Tech
Courtesy: Tetra Tech

A fresh, clean and clear structure truly makes this site appealing. A great deal of void areas gives the site space to move around, which can viewers comfortable with the site’s view. An open site attracts visitors contrasted with a “shut” feeling one and void area has the power to do with that.

Sharp, unique photos add a satisfying touch to the general look and plan. Each page illuminates with such qualified photos. Proficient photography can cause your organization to appear to be proficient. In addition, when I state professional photography, I don’t really mean contracting somebody; you can take your very own photographs to flaunt your organization’s work.

The more I explored in this website is not only showing its past projects, but they also tend to show their social responsibilities to communities. In each individual slideshow, there is a sentence to deliver what they’re responsible for. This way of doing helps to build the client’s trust and credibility by inspiring their empathy to social then a firm can gain more possibilities for a procurement.

#5: Fluor

Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-Fluor
Courtesy: Fluor

A map of completed projects draws visitors in immediately. The map shows a collection of areas with finished ventures welcomes the guests on the landing page. This is an incredible method to show their ability directly off the bat. It is fascinating to see the entirety of the spots that Flour has worked, and it shows that they are a specialist in their field and work on ventures all through the nation. Significant acknowledgment can likewise be seen on the landing page, flaunting their aptitudes and capacities by several projects grouped into rectangle boxes.

#6: McKim & Creed

Best 6 ENR Website Designs Established As Thought Leaders-McKim&creed
Courtesy: McKim & Creed

Unlike many other sites, McKim&Creed chooses a unique background created by the integration of the company’s photos. Through the landing page of its website, the designer intentionally delivers to visitors the organization’s culture, climate, activities, and successes attracting both clients and talented resources for the firm. Despite photos combination, the page looks clean and systematic without cluttering information. This is one of the reasons why McKim&Creed assessed to be a tough competitor in the EAC industry.

The Bottom Lines

To wrap it up, the article already provided all necessary information related to engineering firm’s best website design such as reasons why firms should invest in online presence in an effort to establish yourself as an industry thought leader. Online presence is the new fundamental way of communication with your prospective clients, decision-makers and agencies.   

In any A/E firm, the marketing team must collaborate closely with the sales or procurement team in order to achieve the business goals, and your firm’s website plays a critical role in prospecting effort. If your firm has obstacles to building an online presence, I will be more than happy to look over your firm’s site for improvement recommendations.

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