Unveil Why Tech Entrepreneurs Don’t Always Need to Minor in Business & Management

Whilst its’ definitely great to grasp technical expertise in business and business management, it’s not a “must” to deeply minor it in business, especially when it comes to tech entrepreneurs.
Unveil Why Tech Entrepreneurs Don’t Always Need to Minor in Business & Management
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Should a tech entrepreneur minor in business and management? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

I will rephrase this slightly:

Should a tech entrepreneur learn business, and business management?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Do you need to minor in business to do it?

Absolutely not!

With business and business management the vast majority of it can be learned by reading books.

We started our first business before I took a single business class and while I was studying mathematics. After about 5 years of running that business somewhat successfully I decided to educate myself on business, so I started reading every business book I could get my hands on.

The lessons there were absolutely spot on and would have tremendously helped our business had I known them before.

The good news was that my experience had given me lessons on what not to do and the business books highlighted what we should have done instead. By having the experience of messing up and seeing our competitors do better than us I was able to not question the lesson but instead immediately absorb it because I had already seen it in action.

Applying those lessons that I learned through reading books allowed us to create DigitalOcean which has gone on to raise over $100MM in VC capital from a16z, IA ventures, etc., and currently is over 350 employees.

Book List

Here’s my essential book list:

Product Market & Marketing Fit


Crossing The Chasm

Innovators Solution

Originals: How non-conformists move the world

The Trade-off

The Ideavirus

Product Thinking by Exmaple

Blue Ocean Strategies

Start with Why

Zero to One

Behind the Cloud

Product Management & Design

Managing the Design Factory

The principles of product development flow (much more in depth queuing theory)

Insanely Simple

Inspired – How to create products customers love

The design of everyday things

The laws of simplicity

The Lean Startup

Managing Companies & Work

Good to Great

High Output Management

Strategy Rules – Five timeless lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs

Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works

Work Rules

Like a Virgin – Richard Branson

Scrum the art of doing twice the work in half the time

Managing People


How to Influence People and Make Friends?

Leadership on the Line


Predictable Revenue

The Sales Acceleration Formula

Mastering the Complex Sale

Contributed by Moisey Uretsky, Cofounder DigitalOcean, raised $132MM w/ a16z, Access, IA Ventures

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