Top Companies Leverage Great Social Media Strategies Radically

When performing social media strategies, the marketers must make many tasks done more than creating an account and uploading random posts. "How should a marketer do?" is the question that is often wondered. Benchmarking winning social media practices is the best way to answer.
Top Companies Leverage Great Social Media Strategies Radically
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We constantly hear stories of huge marketing campaigns from go-to brands like Coca Cola or Bud Light. Whether it’s a viral Super Bowl commercial or influencer marketing campaign involving A-list celebrities, every marketer can’t help but take note from the greats. Social media has become the “great equalizer” for marketers. With platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you don’t need millions of dollars to run a successful marketing campaign. You just have to be creative and know your audience. There are some companies that have a great social media strategy.

1. Missguided

Though many brands, even in fashion, may find it hard to prove the ROI of some of their social media activity, it is hard to overstate the value of social to Missguided.

Instagram, in particular, where the brand has 3.4 million followers at time of writing is a crucial channel for the fast fashion retailer. The account’s highlighted stories show how varied Missguided’s content is, including ‘tutorials’, ‘back in stock’, ‘tunes’, ‘new in’, ‘students’, ‘#babes’, ‘fun shit’ and ‘Love Island’ to name a few.

A mix of product promos, user generated content, lifestyle posts, meme-like content and offers keeps the output fresh and followers engaged.

2. Peel

The cell phone case industry is extremely competitive. Pretty much anyone can buy cases in bulk from Alibaba and resell them for a markup. So, when a company is able to stand out and establish a brand, you can’t help but take notice.

Peel sells thin phone cases, with the major selling point being they’re both functional and stylish. So naturally, social media is a great avenue to showcase their products.

They use Facebook video ads to help tell the story of what separates their products from everyone else.

Their success isn’t solely from ads though. Peel is also a great example of how to succeed on organic social. For instance, they have a very cohesive and visually appealing Instagram feed.

3. Domino’s

When you think of the brands that like to fail fast with new digital technology, Domino’s is certainly way out ahead in the fast-food market, constantly innovating its mobile experience.

And that ethos extends to social, where the brand’s innovations have included tweet-to-order and the introduction of ‘DOM The Pizza Bot’ in 2016, an irreverent little Messenger bot that lets customers order their usual with a couple of clicks in their favorite chat app.

4. Wayfair

Our next social media marketing example comes from Wayfair. The online retailer is known for selling affordable furniture and home goods. As you can imagine, a large chunk of their audience is active on Instagram.

For years, one of the biggest challenges for retailers on Instagram was getting followers to go from looking at a photo to going to their website and making a purchase. That changed in 2017 when Instagram rolled out new shopping features.

Through Instagram shopping, brands have the ability to tag specific products within a picture so users can go directly to a landing page and buy it. Wayfair has done a great job of implementing this feature into their social media strategy.

5. Wholesome Culture

This next social media marketing example is another retailer. Similar to Peel, they’re in a competitive industry—fashion.

Wholesome Culture is a fashion brand aimed at people who live a plant-based lifestyle. The brand’s focus and mission are to make cruelty-free clothing while spreading the message of plant-based eating and helping the environment.

One strategy they implement is posting content based on viral memes and pop culture trends.

These posts often drive the most engagement for their page. In order to capitalize on the momentum, they get from these posts, they typically sandwich them in between content that’s more directly related to the products they sell.

Contributed by Kane Harry, M.B.A Master of Business Administration Degrees, University of Sheffield (2014)

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