The Most Effortless Yet Effective Ways to Source Your Suitable Suppliers

Whether you’re in FMCG, F&B, retail or business-to-business, it’s more than crucial to partner with the right suppliers. Yet, the biggest puzzle is to find the reliable ones amongst thousands of available suppliers.
The Most Effortless Yet Effective Ways to Source Your Suitable Suppliers
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1.Trade Directories

Browsing the business-to-business trade catalog is an obvious way to find suppliers. The same is true with Internet search engines, but carefully browse through the many recommended pages and remember to change keywords to minimize the chance of missing a supplier that suits you. Such as Alibaba, FashionTIY, etc. are reliable supplier choices for conducting business.

2. Trade and Exhibition

Trade shows and exhibitions provide opportunities to identify suppliers. It may be a good idea to date a potential supplier, not just cheer up in front of their booth. Prepare to establish a network-you are likely to meet other visitors who can give you valuable advice. Not only can you watch the show by searching the catalog, but it also allows you to better understand who is outside.

3. Social Networks

If you have established a business presence on a social network, suppliers may come to you without you having to find them. Like LinkedIn, a professional network site like this can be a good place for consulting companies to meet other professionals who can serve them when suitable projects appear.

4. Trade Federation

In this way, a trade association that can sign a suitable supplier can be determined.

5. Recommendations

Ask your business partners and others if they have recommended suppliers. This may be a good way to make an honest evaluation of your supplier-unless you have a conversation with a competitor, the competitor will provide you with the wrong information!

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Contributed by Misha BurtonYears of experience in fashion wholesale and retail

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