The City of Troy’s Execution Plan on New Road Opening in Summer 2024

The City of Troy, NY, is embracing the importance of efficient transportation infrastructure as it undergoes evolution and growth. With a forward-thinking approach, the city has initiated a proactive endeavor by inviting bids for a new road construction project!
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As cities evolve and grow, efficient transportation infrastructure becomes increasingly vital to ensure smooth movement of people, goods, and services. The construction and maintenance of roads play a crucial role in facilitating this flow, enhancing safety, and fostering connectivity within communities. 

The City of Troy, NY, is proactively addressing the significance of robust infrastructure by seeking bids for a new road project. This venture aims to bring numerous benefits to the city, such as improved mobility, accessibility, economic opportunities, and overall quality of life for its residents.

In the following sections, we will delve into the details of the bid solicitation and explore the significance of the new road project in Troy, highlighting the positive impact it will have on the community and the vision behind this important endeavor.

The Hidden Gem Troy: Where History, Community, and Natural Beauty Converge

Located in the state of New York, the City of Troy is a vibrant urban center with a rich history and a promising future. Nestled in Rensselaer County, Troy is strategically positioned within the picturesque Hudson Valley region, surrounded by scenic landscapes and charming neighborhoods.

With a diverse population and a strong sense of community, Troy is committed to providing its residents with a high quality of life. The city’s administration recognizes the importance of robust infrastructure in supporting economic growth, promoting connectivity, and ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Troy is renowned for its historical significance as a hub of industrial and architectural innovation in the 19th century.

Today, the city proudly preserves its heritage through beautifully preserved buildings and architectural landmarks that attract visitors from around the world. Troy’s commitment to balancing preservation with modern development exemplifies its dedication to progress.

From the elegant Victorian houses in the Washington Park Historic District to the vibrant streets of downtown Troy, each area contributes to the city’s unique character and overall charm.

Troy is also home to renowned educational institutions, including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), fostering a vibrant intellectual and creative community that enriches the city’s cultural and economic vibrancy.

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The city takes pride in its community-oriented events and festivals, celebrating its history, diversity, and vibrant spirit. Notable events include the Troy Victorian Stroll, an annual holiday tradition that transforms the streets into a festive wonderland, and the Troy River Fest, a summer festival showcasing local artisans, musicians, and food vendors.

The City of Troy places a strong emphasis on community engagement and development, actively collaborating with residents, businesses, and community organizations to foster a sense of pride and ownership among its citizens. Through various initiatives, Troy promotes sustainable development, neighborhood revitalization, and support for local businesses.

The River Street Renaissance: Revolutionizing Troy’s Transportation Infrastructure

As part of its comprehensive development strategy, the City of Troy places a significant emphasis on transportation infrastructure. Recognizing the vital role that roads play in facilitating efficient travel, promoting economic activity, and enhancing connectivity, Troy has made it a priority to invest in road construction and maintenance projects.

These endeavors aim to improve mobility, accessibility, and safety within the city, while also providing opportunities for economic growth and community development.

In 2020, Troy announced the commencement of Phase One construction for the South Troy Industrial Park Road project, heralding the long-awaited transformation of the South Troy and South Central neighborhoods.

The commencement of construction marks a momentous occasion for the community, and Mayor Madden expressed his elation over the project’s initiation. “We are thrilled to officially begin construction on the long-awaited South Troy Industrial Park Road,” he declared. The primary goal of this road is to redirect heavy vehicle traffic away from residential areas, easing congestion, noise, and pollution for the residents, thereby improving their everyday lives.

One of the most exciting prospects of the South Troy Industrial Park Road is its potential to unlock vast expanses of vacant land along Troy’s waterfront. These parcels, once hindered by limited accessibility, are now poised for future development and economic growth. The infusion of fresh investments and business opportunities is expected to invigorate the local economy and expand the tax base, providing further benefits to the community at large.

The success of this endeavor can be attributed, in part, to the dedicated efforts and advocacy of the South Troy residents who steadfastly supported the project throughout its lengthy planning process.

“We thank the residents of South Troy for their advocacy and support throughout this process, the Federal Highway Administration for funding construction of the roadway, and New York State Department of Transportation and the Capital District Transportation Committee for their assistance in allocating funding toward this important project,” Madden Said.

“We’ve been waiting for many years for this industrial road to be built. It’s underway, it’s very exciting, taking those big truck off the residential area and have a lot more quiet in the early morning and later at night,” Sid Fleisher, who’s the primary member of the Osgood-South End Neighborhood Group, commented on the project.

Additionally, the financial backing from the Federal Highway Administration has been instrumental in making this vision a reality. The project’s execution was also made possible with the assistance of the New York State Department of Transportation and the Capital District Transportation Committee, who allocated essential funds to the cause.

In line with its commitment to transparent and fair procurement processes, the City of Troy is currently seeking bids for the construction of a new road project. By soliciting sealed bids from qualified contractors, the city aims to engage professionals who can contribute their expertise to the project and deliver a high-quality infrastructure asset.

Steve Strichman, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development, stated: “It creates a new avenue for truck traffic, it gets the truck off of the streets, and main streets in South Troy and South Central, so it’s really benefit for the residents there. It also opens up the whole area down here along the riverfront for redevelopment and we’re already starting to see some positive signs of interest in this area.”

The City of Troy’s River Street (South Troy Industrial Park Road) Project, Phase 2, is a monumental endeavor aimed at transforming connectivity and enhancing transportation infrastructure. 

As an integral part of the $77.97 million Troy city budget for 2022, the allocation for Phase Two of the South Troy Industrial Park Road project takes center stage. This significant endeavor has been contracted as a vital component of the budget, reflecting the administration’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure and fostering economic growth within the city.

That budget proposal includes a modest 2.28% property tax increase for the ensuing fiscal year. For homeowners with a property valued at $150,000, this translates to an average monthly increase of $4.24.

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“This proposal is another fiscally responsible plan that improves city operations and services through targeted investments in various municipal departments to improve neighborhood quality of life,” Madden said.

According to the mayor’s office, the 2022 budget proposal increases staff capacity in various departments, including Code Enforcement, Streets, Parks, and Parking Enforcement. These additions are aimed at strengthening the City’s capacity and enhancing the quality and level of municipal services.

The City of Troy recognizes the significance of this project in meeting essential transportation requirements and laying the foundation for future progress and advancement.

With the construction of a new road, the city aims to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance connectivity, and improve the overall transportation infrastructure. This new road will offer a more streamlined and effective pathway for commuters, residents, and businesses, making it easier to access important destinations within the city.

Revamping Troy: Benefits-Driven Project Elements for a Thriving Community

The installation of sidewalks is a crucial aspect of the project, emphasizing the city’s commitment to pedestrian safety and accessibility. With dedicated walkways, residents and visitors will be encouraged to choose walking as a viable mode of transportation, promoting a healthier and more sustainable community.

Sidewalks also play a vital role in connecting various neighborhoods and commercial areas, fostering a sense of unity and cohesiveness within the city.

The inclusion of a bridge in the project has far-reaching implications for both transportation and economic development. Bridges are essential connectors that bridge geographical barriers and open up new possibilities for growth.

In this case, the bridge will not only provide a direct route between Monroe Street and Adams Street but also facilitate access to the South Troy Industrial Park. This improved connectivity will attract businesses and investors, creating opportunities for job creation, economic expansion, and increased prosperity within the city.

The implementation of closed drainage systems is another critical component of the project. Troy, like many cities, faces challenges related to stormwater management during heavy rainfall.

By incorporating efficient and well-designed closed drainage systems, the city aims to mitigate the risks of flooding and improve overall water management. This proactive approach to addressing stormwater issues will enhance the city’s resilience to extreme weather events and protect valuable infrastructure and properties.

Signage and striping are integral to ensuring safe and orderly traffic flow. Clear and visible signs, strategically placed throughout the road, will provide essential guidance to drivers, alerting them to speed limits, intersections, and potential hazards. Road markings, achieved through striping, will delineate lanes, pedestrian crossings, and other crucial traffic patterns, contributing to enhanced safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

The installation of a water main as part of the City Betterment initiative underscores the city’s dedication to improving its utilities and infrastructure. Access to reliable and efficient water supply is vital for the well-being of residents, businesses, and the overall functioning of the city. This investment in upgrading the water main system ensures a robust infrastructure that can meet the demands of a growing population and support future development projects.

The Scope of Work – Unleashing the Extraordinary Transformation

In the exciting River Street (South Troy Industrial Park Road) Project, Phase 2, a series of captivating tasks await to make the construction process a smooth and successful endeavor. These tasks encompass a wide array of activities, ranging from transforming the infrastructure to preparing the site for an awe-inspiring transformation.

One particularly fascinating task involves the metalizing of Type 1 leaching basins. Picture this: a powerful protective coating is carefully applied to the basins, enhancing their durability and bestowing them with a remarkable resistance to the forces of corrosion.

Another task involves the replacement of fence posts. The current fence posts, standing tall at a height of 8 feet, are soon to be replaced, ensuring that the project site remains secure and untainted.

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The project also includes the installation of cast iron embedded detectable warning system units. These units serve as an essential safety feature, alerting pedestrians with visual impairments to changes in the walking surface. By incorporating these units, the project ensures accessibility and promotes safety for all users.

Turf establishment is another task that focuses on the aesthetic and environmental aspects of the project. By carefully preparing and cultivating the ground, suitable turf will be established, enhancing the visual appeal and promoting environmental sustainability.

Cutting pavement is also necessary to accommodate changes in the road layout or installation of underground utilities. This task involves precise cutting of the pavement surface, allowing for seamless integration of new elements into the existing infrastructure.

The construction and installation of shallow monitoring wells are essential for environmental monitoring purposes. These wells will be strategically placed to monitor groundwater levels and quality, providing valuable data for ongoing assessment and environmental management.

Additionally, the relocation of the existing street light assembly is required to ensure proper illumination and safety along the project area. This task involves careful planning and coordination to efficiently relocate the street lights while minimizing disruption to traffic and existing infrastructure.

The installation of temporary catch basin inserts for drainage structures is crucial for effective stormwater management during the construction phase. These inserts help prevent sediment and debris from entering the drainage system, ensuring its optimal functioning and minimizing environmental impacts.

Besides, the presence of an Engineer provided by the City of Troy is also integral to the successful execution of the River Street (South Troy Industrial Park Road) Project, Phase 2.

The Engineer oversees the construction process, conducts inspections, and ensures compliance with plans and specifications. They have the authority to stop and reject non-compliant work or materials, ensuring high standards are maintained.

Contractors can submit written questions, and the Engineer acts as a liaison between the Contractor and the City. On-site representatives assist the Engineer in monitoring progress and identifying defects.

Proper oversight is crucial, and any work without Engineer observation may be deemed unacceptable at the Contractor’s expense.

Empowering Diversity: Fostering Equal Employment Opportunities for Minorities and Women

This contract, in accordance with Section 312 of the Executive Law and 5 NYCRR Part 143, places a significant emphasis on providing equal employment opportunities for minorities and women.

The Contractor is committed to refraining from any form of discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, or marital status. They are required to actively and conscientiously employ and utilize minority group members and women in their workforce for State contracts, undertaking affirmative action to ensure equality in recruitment, employment, promotions, and other aspects of employment.

Additionally, the Contractor must request written statements from employment agencies, labor unions, or worker representatives affirming their commitment to non-discrimination and cooperation with the Contractor’s equal employment obligations.

All solicitations and advertisements for employees must include a statement highlighting that qualified applicants will receive equal employment opportunities without any discrimination. This commitment extends to subcontractors involved in the construction, demolition, replacement, major repair, renovation, planning, or design of real property and improvements, with exceptions for projects beneficial to the Contractor.

Compliance with the Department of Economic Development’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development rules and regulations is mandatory.

City of Troy’s Weather-Dependent Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The Department of Public Works (DPW) in the City of Troy is gearing up for a series of city infrastructure improvement projects. Spearheaded by Mayor Wm. Patrick Madden, these initiatives aim to revitalize and enhance the city’s roadways, which are crucial for emergency services and the overall economic infrastructure.

City of Troy Prospect Park
Courtesy: City of Troy

The DPW workers have been lauded for their dedication to the community and their prompt response to emergencies, showcasing their commitment to keeping the city safe and functional.

The roadworks are scheduled to start promptly at 6 AM each day. Residents and motorists residing or commuting in the affected neighborhoods are advised to strictly follow posted parking restrictions to avoid penalties, including fines and towing.

Commuters are also encouraged to plan their routes accordingly, as they may encounter roadwork in the area during the designated project period. To minimize inconvenience, motorists are recommended to seek alternative routes whenever possible.

Despite the potential short-term inconvenience posed by road construction, the DPW’s efforts represent a wise investment of tax dollars for the betterment of the community. The completion of these infrastructure improvement projects will result in safer and smoother road surfaces, benefiting all road users in the long run.

The City of Troy’s weather-dependent infrastructure improvement projects showcase a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing city roadways. The DPW’s dedication to ensuring community safety and prosperity through these projects is commendable, and the eventual outcome will undoubtedly improve the overall infrastructure and enhance the daily lives of Troy residents and visitors alike.

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, the construction of new roads holds significant importance for the development and growth of cities like Troy. 

The comprehensive 227-page contract entered into by the city of Troy underscores their commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective project management. Such meticulous planning and documentation are crucial to ensure the successful execution of large-scale construction projects. 

The construction of new roads in the city of Troy is not a mere proclamation but a tangible commitment backed by extensive documentation. These infrastructure projects are vital for the city’s progress, enabling improved transportation, economic growth, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Through their dedicated efforts and detailed contract, the city of Troy exemplifies the responsible approach necessary for successful urban development and the fulfillment of their citizens’ needs.

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