The Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing That Are Hardly Revealed

Have you deployed the right technique & types of content assets to engage your target audience and nurture them towards a real sale? Given the over-saturated landscape of promotional content, it's pivotal to invest into content strategies that cut through.
The Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing That Are Hardly Revealed
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What are some of the biggest mistakes people make with content marketing? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Here are some that I try to avoid:

Too Promotional

Successful marketers know good content aims to help, not sell. Be a help and avoid selling at all costs. Remember selling is a component of marketing, but marketing is not selling.

A Blog

While your blog is one way to create content marketing, it shouldn’t be the only way your company distributes content for your would-be clients to consume. There are also: social media, eBooks, case studies, informational packets and brochures, presentations, videos, podcasts, and workshops.

Everything To Everybody All The Time

Good content marketing efforts nurture prospects and lead through the entire lifecycle. It should continually aid current customers. One piece of content won’t be helpful to everyone at every stage.

Boring Content

The only way your content has a chance of going viral is if it’s perceived as EXTREMELY valuable. As in, you’re sharing jaw-dropping tips and tricks for your industry. Otherwise, your story about the amazing service you received at the pancake house is just serving your need to see your name in the byline.

One-Way Communication

It’s not enough to push your content out. To execute a content marketing strategy that is helpful, you’ll need to respond, comment, ask questions, and interact with the people who are consuming your work.

Contributed by Mike Schoultz, Love to find creative, effective ads

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