Online Education Becomes the Future of Education Based on The Following Reasons

Studying in a physical classroom isn’t the priority option anymore because we face the bigger vast space called The Internet. Besides, online education can become a convenient learning method in the modern age.
Online Education Becomes The Future Of Education Based On The Following Reasons
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Here I am going to tell you why I feel that e-learning is the future of the modern education.

I am from a Rural Background but I was introduced to online educational websites from my friends who were studying in better places with a far better peer group. Introduction to e-learning was life changing, the reason being-

Today the Classrooms of Good Educational Institutions Are Replete with Students

Even a good teacher having a sound experience of teaching can’t handle the individual problems of 300+ student sitting in a single class, take the typical example of a classroom in kota where this situation is very normal. I was studying in Kota for a full year and you know surprisingly in the main building of the institute I saw students sitting in some waiting area with their mobile phones and earphones plugged in and scrubbing in their copies notes from the lecture of a teacher of another institute in Kota, I hope this gives you an idea of this change that is taking over us for the good.

The Fear of Being Laughed Upon When You Question Your Doubt

You know, this is one of the biggest problems that online learning has the best solution perhaps. I remember when I was in class in one of our lectures in the same typical classroom in kota, near to me was sitting a very intelligent boy he had a doubt that day in the beginning of class but out teacher was quite arrogant , the boy was afraid of being scolded by the teacher for asking that question and due to this that boy was reluctant to ask it and at last he did not ask it. In online platforms today the student can ask their doubts separately with pictures and it is answered in a certain time period by an expert and also by many fellow students.

Not Be Able to Make Proper Notes

In schools and other institutes we have green or black boards, first the teacher comes he writes and explains in it, sometimes the student is copying from the board while still listening to what he is explaining and then hurrying to keep up the pace because the teacher will erase the board. This is also a major cause because of which students prefer to study online through animation and pre-prepared slides from which first they understand nicely and then move to making notes and you know it’s quite peaceful.

It Is Cheaper and Has Much More Cost to Benefit Ratio Than Classroom Learning

Some Other Things That Make the Online Learning Awesome Are

  • Animations
  • Real time analysis of tests
  • easy accessibility of contents anywhere, any time
  • The best faculty teaching everyone
  • Ruthless competition between companies to offer the best content at the best prices.

There could still be many other factors that make it wonderful and it too has flaws.

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