Linh Pham

Linh Pham

EnvZone Staff

Founder and President

A business transaction between two organizations happens for a reason, and the people behind a transaction has a story that the other party believes in. Coming from past experience working for a small business in the engineering field with limited resource, Linh sees the business struggle in competition and has no good website to represent their voice and expertise in the industry.

Linh believes website is the forefront of any communication strategy in this era. Digital world is the fundamental way of communication. Building an infrastructure of online presence to tell the people’s story behind a brand takes a village. Of course, most small business can’t afford one.

Understanding the resource constraints experienced by small business, Linh has built a platform that offers co-staffing solution and can be embedded into any small business’s in-house resource.

Businesses that utilize this flexible people solution can now focus on their core competency and let the ‘embedded staff’ help them convey their voice and story to the audience effectively.

Certifications and Badges

  • performance inspector
  • creative strategist
  • asset management
  • highly responsive
  • ip protection

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