Hazel Nguyen

Hazel Nguyen

EnvZone Staff

Growth Analyst

Hazel joins EnvZone as a Growth Analyst. She is a passionate individual who has a very high responsibility in her role. Here at EnvZone, Hazel is responsible for providing and helping clients to have the most suitable guidelines for defining innovative business development with digital figures.

Hazel uses her in-depth analysis skills to work across industries like hospitality, travel, financial services and help clients to solve their problems. On the purpose of helping clients have the best service through their brief, Hazel is dedicated to understanding clients’ needs and figure out the right solutions to their problems.

Outside of work, you can easily find Hazel in any bookstore, side by side with the books or her laptop. She loves reading, especially fiction novels and psychology books. Hazel is always trying to be the best version of herself through learning day-to-day.

Certifications and Badges

  • performance inspector
  • asset representative
  • creative strategist
  • industry analyzer
  • ip protection

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