Devon Vo

Devon Vo

EnvZone Staff

Communications Coordinator

Devon Vo joins EnvZone as a Communications Coordinator. She displays a great interest in IT, up to date technology, and especially, AI. Devon enjoys brainstorming and executing on operation strategies for our clients, she also appeals to practicing market research analysis. Altogether, combining with her curiosity, and enthusiasm, creates profound, and clear insight about the subject.

Here at EnvZone, Devon works directly with her clients to work on solving their challenges, working towards to their goals, and achieving success. By all means, she’s responsible for identifying the best ways in which her clients can maximize the outcomes with our unique outsourcing solution.

When not partnering with the clients, she can be easily found in many different workshops, not only about Marketing, Economy, or Communications, but also those workshops about Graphic Design, Branding, or Urban Culture, which shares tight relation to the development of her position.

Certifications and Badges

  • problem analyzer and solver
  • highly responsive
  • creative strategist
  • asset representative

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