Aster Le

Aster Le

EnvZone Staff

Business Performance Analyst

Aster started working at EnvZone as a Business Performance Analyst and this path has further reinforced her passion for conveying valuable information to the masses.

In those unprecedented years due to the pandemic, she believes that keeping up with latest news and taking actions in real-time is the only way to maintain the company’s competitiveness. With an academic background in International Economic Relations, plus experiences in Marketing landscape, Aster’s able to carry business insights across in crisp writing. Her own idea “Learn everything in its entirety.” constantly promotes an in-depth research in every subject she dives in.

Outside the working hours, Aster tends to connect with people and nature through her hobby - film photography. She wishes to make some photographic excursions around the country before marriage.

Aster Le's Certification

  • Effective Coordinator
  • industry analyzer
  • creative strategist
  • asset representative
  • asset management

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