Ally Nguyen

Ally Nguyen

EnvZone Staff

News Analyst

Join EnvZone as a News Analyst in the entrepreneur section whose works are dedicate only to the sake of our audience.

As much as a truth-teller, she’s passionate about news-seeking. Buzzing around like bees, Ally spends most time gathering news, conducting then pick up the most legitimate piece of information and she keeps the public informed of well-rounded news. Through great stories Ally helps our audience understand and catch up with complex issues.

The quote of “24/7 updated newsfeed” is where her professional identity is built. To reach and influence people through words is not easy, that’s why we have Ally the News reporter.

Ally Nguyen's Certification

  • asset management
  • performance inspector
  • creative strategist
  • highly responsive
  • industry analyzer
  • Effective Coordinator

Contributed by Ally Nguyen

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