Five Key Steps to Optimize A Website in Search Engine?

Optimizing your site is crucial for guaranteeing a high ranking on search engine results pages. Your website will be looked upon more favorably by search engines and your customers.
Five Key Steps To Optimize A Website In Search Engine
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Best Techniques to Do Search Engine Optimization and improve your site’s ranking are:

Improving User Experience in Your Entire Site

Google’s job is to show the best results for their user’s query. Google can easily identify and filter out low-quality sites. Plus, Google also rewards sites with low bounce rates. To improve your site’s quality, make your content easy to read and grasp and provide value for your users, Also, make sure your site is easy to navigate for first time users.

Publish Relevant Content Using Keyword Research

Research the keywords that are relevant and match your content. Don’t use multiple keyphrases for a single content. It is hard for your webpage to rank high for different keyphrases. Make sure quality keyphrases are well distributed among your content. Also, avoid reusing your keyphrase for different content. Make sure to use that one keyphrase in your URL, Page Title, SEO title, Meta Description, Headings, and Sub-headings. Don’t overuse your keywords.

Post New Content on a Regular Basis

If you regularly put new content on your site then it shows that your site is relevant. You’ll not find sites with just a few contents ranking high on Google’s search list for high volume keyphrase. Also, more content will also give you more chances of gaining a user.

Make Your Site Link Worthy

Off-page SEO is as important as On-Page SEO. In Off-Page SEO we try to put our site’s link on High Ranking sites on Google’s search list. For that, you need to write quality and valuable content that is in demand of other sites. Your content should be relevant to various topics so that the scope for backlinks can increase.

Use Alt Attributes in Your Images

This allows search engines to locate your page through images. Google shows the result in the image section using the phrase in the alt attribute of the image. If your alt attribute matches the search query of the user then your site’s image will be displayed in the image section of the search engine. Many people do prefer looking at images to get the information they want. So, you can gin main users through images by using alt attributes.

Contributed by Alina Sapkota, IT Manager at Kelly Office Solutions

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