Digital Transformation: Real Examples & Proven Approaches to Change the Business Game

Digital transformation proves to be a primary game-changer since it reshapes the constraints under which practically every domain of business strategy operates, especially the following factors.
Digital Transformation Real Examples & Proven Approaches to Change the Business Game
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What are some real examples of digital transformation? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

I will give you two examples: One for corporate world and the other for humanitarian services.

Digital Transformation for Corporate World

Say you are a spinach grower and you are supplying produce all over the country. Just like any produce, some produce does perish along the way and you have no idea how and where they got spoiled so that you can hire better transporters and warehouses. Surprisingly, the same business would look and feel entirely different if it is digitally transformed. The digital scenario would be that each of your produce boxes will have IoTs implanted which send you data in real time. This will enable you to fund out if proper temperatures were maintained along the way and if not who are the culprits. With this information you can avoid the warehouses and businesses that are giving bad services.

This digital transformation is just the tip of the ice burg. Further, if the IoT data is captured and stored in a blockchain in cloud, you can even setup tokens to pay off those businesses instantly without any paper work and manual intervention. Furthermore, if all this data is fed to the AI, it can even match your produce with the national market and reroute the shipment depending on demographic demands.

Further still, if fully autonomous seeding and harvesting machines with IoTs and AI are included in your digital transformation, you are potentially liberated from the headache of managing the crop, harvesting stress, shipment complexity, painful employee management and you can fully devote your time to producing high quality produce. You digitally control everything from the comfort of your home!

As you can see, this technology heavy digital transformation needs skills from various sectors. DT is just a BAND name for a massive digitization effort.

Digital Transformation for Humanity

Let me take you straight into a scenario where the rescue operation has already been digitized. Say a severe weather forecast has been made in certain parts of the country. And the digitally transformed FEMA prepares itself to ship IoT and RFID wearables to potential victims in the affected areas. When the shipments arrive, people would wear them and instantly the wearables would identify them and capture vital data including body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and data from asthma inhaler if any, pace makers if any and so on. The system would also scan the patient records to figure out if any medication is needed and if so those medications are made available for delivery.

After the storm recedes, well trained AI would maneuver an army of drones to grab the medication boxes with their actuators and fly to reach the victims using their GPS data. RFIDs tags are used as a backup to locate the victims in places where internet accessibility is unstable or sparse. Drones would attempt to go closer to the victims with their proximity sensors for precision delivery of medications, with the object of delivering right medication to the right person.

This service can further be bolstered by affixing IoT devices to the medication box itself, so that when the box is delivered, its GPS location would prove its precise delivery. Also, when the medicine box is opened, the IoT triggers off a set of data that guarantees the receipt of the medication by the victim. For the success of this digital venture, IT and business leaders must engage in a close partnership. Technical readership, employee engagement, data governance all would play their vital roles in this digitized service.

Contributed by Ravi Amblee, , Award winning author of two books

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