Basic Steps to Offer Service to Other Businesses Effectively

It is difficult to sell services than products because customers are buying the personal skills and traits of an individual or group of experts. Therefore, firstly you need to gain the confidence of customers through some basic steps following.
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I’m delighted to see someone ask such a question. B2B sales are somewhat different from consumer sales. It would have been easier to answer if I knew what your service was. But many steps for success in B2B sales are universal so, I’ll list those below:

  1. Identify the companies that use the type of service you seek to sell.
  2. Find out the name and contact information for the person most likely to have approval authority for purchasing at your prospects.
  3. Plan a multi-pronged approached to introducing those people to your company using both online and offline methods.
  4. Online, send e-mails introducing your company to your prospective contact. Keep in mind, that mass mailings usually only get a 1% to 2% reply so to get anything send a lot of e-mails. Take whatever steps are necessary to get your prospect to visit your website, for greater details.
  5. Offer something free at your website like an e-book or something else that discusses the problems you feel they may face and a summary of the solutions you offer.
  6. Offline try to discover the places your prospects are most likely to frequent and make it a point to be there, with the intention of meeting them, passing out business cards and discussing your company.
  7. Where possible try to be a guest speaker at events tailored to your target market.
  8. Be certain you are ready to service the new business that should be a result of your marketing efforts.

Contributed by William Poynter, former Certified Public Accountant (retired, inactive) (1982-2009).

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