Arianna Huffington’s Talk on Principles in the Entrepreneurs’ Supercharged Lifestyle

Huffington raves the ride. Driving her supercharged lifestyle until it hits her with the swollen cheekbones to recognize what is most valued, what to treasure as a person of half dreamer – entrepreneur and half mundane – mother!
Arianna Huffington in an interview at Women conference
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The author of 13 books, Huffington is a nationally syndicated columnist, commentator, public radio co-host on Left, Right & Center, and mother of two teenage daughters. She’s best known as the face of one of the nation’s most successful blogs, The Huffington Post, which she co-founded

A woman with desirable motivation, Huffington balanced the success of the site with the rest of her life, and managed to maintain a healthy writing career alongside building one of the world’s most viewed sites. In 2011, she sold the site for more than $300M and now stands as president and editor/chief of the companies Media Group.

With the life a surging spotlight, to maintain hype beast energy with fascinating stories, it was not all plain sailing for the Huffington.  After suffering a facial injury in 2007, as a result of over-exerting herself, she faced a mental breakdown. But with all great success stories comes the bounce back, and since Huffington has learned to strive for balance, actively speaking about the importance a happy life has on any individual success.

From trying to tackle it all, Huffington’s been through the highs and lows of achievement and now uses what she has learned to not only revel in success but enjoy every aspect of the life she has created. Let’s look what this story has got to offer us not only working woman but also entrepreneurs at all sizes.

Under Arianna Huffington’s Scope: 6 Life Principles for Entrepreneurs

Arianna Huffington at Huff Post headquarters
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There are many valuable things to share when you are owning and has been constantly writing for a Pulitzer Prize post, at the Joe Polish 25K Abundance event, Huffington once talk on what inspires her, what worries her and what bold ideas she’s most crazy about, especially due to what principles it is done. And there comes six of it to consider:

#1 Watch Out for Burnout– It Is Burning Your Best Ideas

Sleep as a necessity came to Huffington when she fainted out of exhaustion in the year 2007. She fainted and had such a bad fall, she broke her cheekbone and had to get four stitches on her right eye. After that, they have nap rooms at the Huffington Post, even though in the beginning not a lot of people thought it would really make an impact or change anything. They told her the idea was ridiculous and employees might misuse the rooms. However, months later, the idea took off and they have seen more productive and happy colleagues, the nap rooms are booked way in advanced! It is fact that people cannot function during times of constant intense and in order to make the best of employee, sleep is extremely important!  Even a five-minute nap can rejuvenate you and at the Huffington Post, this is a rule of life one definitely follows!

Huffington claims it is important how people get their ideas since most ideas are made up from mood that affected by outside forces. She shares lots of her own ideas are come in moments of peace, relaxation, hiking and reading. Something completely unconnected, refreshing and has nothing to do with the moment of email answering and inbox cleaning. Similar to much research of Arthur Koestler in his book the Art of Creation shows how and where great scientists usually get their ideas, not just the ones that we all know about. Over and over again you come across the fact that creative ideas come in moments of relaxation, not in moments of tension. Whether it’s Bill Gate or Jeff Bezos when it comes to sharing how they have achieved great breakthroughs, the skill of life managing is all always taking part. For instance, Gates claims to go on a cabin away from everything and read is one of his ritual.

#2 Turn Failure into Your Best Armor

Looking at all the hardships Huffington faced in her life, one important lesson can be learnt that is turning failure into one’s best armor. Especially talk on the born of her largest heritage the Huffington Post.

High on Huffington’s list of failures are the 36 rejections of her second book, despite the success of her first. Then there’s her abysmal showing as an independent in California’s 2003 gubernatorial race: Although Huffington withdrew a week before the election, her name stayed on the ballot and she finished fifth with 0.55 percent of the vote.

Rather than recoiling and licking her wounds, Huffington seems to gain courage and wisdom with each failure to take on even greater challenges. Those book rejections only reinforced her perseverance in future pursuits. Through her failed gubernatorial campaign, which raised almost $1 million online, “I learned about the power of the Internet.” Two years later, she and business partner Ken Lerer launched The Huffington Post.

Failure is not the definition of your life, but is, in fact, the stepping stones to success and growth! If you are not willing to fall and learn from what hasn’t happened the way you wanted, then there is no point in trying to grow, right? This was a lesson Huffington learnt from her mother and as a life lesson, this theory stuck with her for the rest of life!

“My mother instilled in me that failure was not something to be afraid of, that it was not the opposite of success. It was a steppingstone to success. So, I had no fear of failure. Perseverance is everything. I don’t give up. Everybody has failures, but successful people keep on going.”

Arianna Huffington at an interview with AOL executive team
Source: Damon Dahlen

Huffington claims that you are in the most vulnerable place If you are “lucky” to have not failed, you would become so dependent on success, and as you are feed on the drug it would be really hard to give off – which you have to anyway because you will fail one way or another. Learn from a reading of Marcus Aurelius, who was a Roman emperor, about how to get to the place where bad things can happen and you are not affected by them, Huffington determined that is her ambition now and should be any entrepreneurs’ ever because that is where entrepreneurs would do much possible and only where they are supercharged. Now we have the recipe for turning failure in to the best shield!

#3 Align Your Passion with the Outlook – the Spirit of Time

As an original Greek – Huffington believes the most thriving enterprise are always when the entrepreneur’s passion matches something happening in that specific spirit of the time – or the “zeitgeist” as she called it!

The Greek author believes all things have the wind on their backs and when you tap into them and our passion join and blend with what is happening in the world then the magic happens, of course hard work is also counted. For her, the Huffington Post was something like that, as being Greek gives her the nature of connections and conversations and, therefore, so is the beginning of the Huffington Post, she was just taking those conversations online, from nationally then internationally. That was the wind of being Greeks and the spirit of time when she brings it online!

#4 If in Doubt: Do Not!

Even if in hiring people or in relationships.

The author shares when AOL acquired the Huffington Post she had more resources, and one of the hardest things she had to face was staff up rapidly. So, there are weekends that she has to spend for hiring session which works like speed dating. Time is no doubt precious so Huffington set up a system where she could take part in every single interview, where she would be included in the first 10 minutes and then leave the last for editors to work on.

To her, as an entrepreneur you represent the message you are bringing to the world, therefore, it would be immediate to know if this is the right person you need for your organization, for your project – they all have their own vibe, a scent you would recognize instantly. 10 minutes is enough and there is no need to spend more than that initial time!

As Jeff Bezos said it best that he will not allow anybody in the company who comes to his attention who is a toxic person, however talented, to stay in the company. The author herself is a big believer in that – no tolerance for toxic individuals, a team player and straightforward is what you should consider giving rise to a strong culture!

She will not proceed if there are any doubt because that is a costly mistake and hiring somebody who turns not to be the right fit – it’s just problematic!

#5 Focus on What Matters

Under the scope of Huffington, she sees the world as watching a split screen. It can be hopeful or despairing, it is all depending on which side you are looking at. Let’s focus on what give you hope. It’s crucial that we focus on affluence and surpluses rather than just shortcomings. Even though, to that effect Huffington admit her media industry has not done a good job at spotlighting what is working, therefore, the born of “Impact” a spotlight which is all about giving and what people are doing to transform the world.

#6 Refuse to Doubt Yourself before Others Do

To continue, in her book the On Becoming Fearless, Huffington stressed on the voice inside one’s head, the voice of doubt which is ones’ ultimately worst enemy. The author claims that it too shall pass, and it is not a problem to deal with everything outside, but rather the work with yourself – the self that have been doubting your capability.

Every soldier has their own tribe so do you. To have people back you up is also another fine way to find confidence and gain self-respect. It’s essential to have someone to support your efforts – family, trusted friends or colleagues. And to join with people who could help you connect yourself and constantly remind the passion and mission in you.

Working Mom Talk with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington in an interview at for female entrepreneurs
Courtesy: Global Thrive

By celebrating the International Woman Day’s, Huffington wrote for her mother whose advice, wisdom and constructive criticism have been the foundation of the author existence. Through which thankful letter she also talks as a successful working mom to other hard-working moms.

The author believes in order to conquer workplaces as women, you have to approach it your own unique way, not as carbon copies of men – briefcase- carrying, pinstripe-wearing career machines. As woman, you are facing a double challenge, because aside from the office and career anxieties everyone faces, women have specific work-related fears center on the paradox of maintaining relationships and remaining “feminine” while still doing a good job.

As working women as specially moms, you have to weigh the emotional, mental cost of not trying a new job or venture against the possibility of not succeeding and being embarrassed by your efforts and beliefs. Huffington shares again and again over her career that if you want to succeed, there is no other way but simply sticking your neck out.

However, she believes that it is what the world needs, it needs women who is willing to do that to venture and risk for it. That is because women are ideally suited to provide many key qualities the world needs for its leaders right now – being decisive and strong while at the same time being wise, nurturing, respectful enough to tell the truth with a moral authority that inspires and empowers.

Take Lehman Brothers, if there are Lehman Sisters they might still be around. While the Brothers may have been bragging about having put in a 100-hours work week or having gotten only four hours of sleep the night before, some Lehman sisters might have noticed the iceberg, the problem that is looming a head – because that is one the central parts of leadership: seeing the problem before they hit apocalypse.

This corporate culture tells that being plugged in 24/7 is essential, and that sleeping less and multitasking more are a flying elevator to the top. Yet the Huffington shares the last time her mother saw her talking with the children while checking mails – she was really upset. It is a thing now to despise multitasking. And now even sometimes she found herself amidst the chaotic of tasks, it is crucial to be back to the present and have it once at a time. The author claims it was a way to miss life, to miss the gift that come only when you give 100 percent of yourself to a task, a relationship, a moment.

The Bottom Lines

While the world is providing nonstop high-volume signals that directing people to make more money and climb higher up the ladder, Arianna Huffington’s mantra to prioritize your physical, emotional and psychological care for personal and professional lives can really succeed and scale high is a valuable message, especially for the sake of entrepreneurs.

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