7 Factors Will Impact Traffic & Conversion Rate for An E-Commerce Website

For each E-commerce website, no value has more significance than the conversion rate. However, business owners endure misfortunes in sales since they fail to consider factors impacting conversion rate.
7 Factors Will Impact Traffic & Conversion Rate for An E-Commerce Website
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For online merchants, no value has more significance than the transformation rate. Regardless of whether you’re taking a seat with partners or speculators, consulting with specialist service providers, or attending a conference or expo, this magical percentage rate is a currency all alone.

It is, as such, one of the basics of eCommerce business. However, merchants continue to unwittingly endure misfortunes in sales since they fail to take certain factors into consideration.

So, The factors that will have an impact on traffic and conversion rate for eCommerce website are:


With the performance, we mean load times, It is suggested that a website page should take no longer than 2-3 seconds to load, in practice, it has been demonstrated that after just X.X seconds clients surrender and tap on the “back” button. They just expect the page is inaccessible, or that there is an issue with the browser. Short load times are therefore vital for keeping potential clients on your site.


One of the complaints of online merchants is that clients should have the capacity to see all that they have on offer. Absolutely, you won’t have any desire to retain content from clients. But imagine you have a prospect looking for a shower robe who needs to browse through 50 pages of men’s shirts just to get to the desired area.

The chances she will discover (and then buy) what she is searching for drop drastically.


By the year 2021, it is normal that half of all online business transactions will happen by means of cell phones. Nevertheless, online merchants keep on design their online stores primarily for desktops.

One thing is clear: the individuals who think clients are OK with having to continually turn, zoom, and slide their cell phones just to tap on an item are probably going to see these clients shop somewhere else.

Customer Service

For client service to be effective, it must be easily accessible. That means it ought to be accessible through a few different channels, and if possible, nonstop. Online forms and contact email addresses work admirably, yet personal contact by telephone, live talk, or video is far and away superior.

If nonstop accessibility is more than you can handle, you ought to by all methods guarantee the best possible access in every one of your sales regions.


Situating oneself around the correct keywords is the reason for any thriving online business. In any case, SEO isn’t simply accomplished by the wise position of meta depictions and backlinks. A frequently underestimated criterion is the unwavering quality of available URLs.

John Muller, the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, calls attention to that 301 redirects, for example, are just handy if the content at the new location is equivalent to that which was found at the previous URL.

A/B Tests

A/B tests, live or pre-recorded, are a decent method to give potential clients focused on content, and in this manner adequately increment your conversion rate. In any case, unless these tests are led appropriately, they will have the opposite impact: if the reference groups analyzed are too small, you will get one-sided results and come to incorrect conclusions.

Your outcomes must be checked to guarantee they are measurably critical in connection to the number of visitors and amount of conversions.

Poor Product Data

A last key factor while considering conversion rates includes complete and comprehensible item information. For global sites, it’s particularly vital that translations be exact and custom fitted to the respective nation.

However, that is not all: language-independent factors, for example, the thoroughness of technical data also play a role.

Contributed by Shyam Mishra, More than 5 years of E-Commerce experience

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