10 Proven Secrets to Nurture the Best USP as a Digital Marketing Agency

Beyond any doubt, sharp and uncopiable unique selling proposition is what sets you apart from competitors and wisely directs your energy on things that cater to your ideal group of customers. This especially holds true for digital marketing agency.
10 Proven Secrets to Nurture the Best USP as a Digital Marketing Agency
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What can be the best unique selling point for a digital marketing agency? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Here are 10 secrets to helping you build unique selling points for your digital marketing agency:

Secret # 1 Best Value

The most useful definition of unique selling propositions (USP) is a believable collection of the most persuasive reasons people should notice you and take the action you’re seeking.

This way, it guides your decisions much more clearly and can be used as the basis for marketing messages.

If you don’t have strong selling propositions, people don’t have good reasons to do either of those.

For example, if your online bookstore has average selection, decent prices, delivery, a guarantee, good customer service, and a website, why would anyone buy from you? There’s surely a competitor who beats you in at least some of those aspects.

You don’t have to be the best in every way. Sure, it’s great if you are. But realistically, it’s difficult enough to be the best couple of ways.

However, if you’re the best in at least several ways, you’re the best option for the people who value those propositions.

Secret #2 Heart of The Proposition

The heart of a winning unique selling propositionis the end result experiences of value a business intends to deliver to its target customers. The end result experiences. For example, a customer shopping for an electric drill is looking for one that can deliver holes as easy and conveniently as possible. Also one that can deliver the most multiple functions.

Secret #3 Articulate for Customers

Unique selling propositions need to be articulated for customers… not for your products, services or business processes. Products, services, processes are the vehicles for the proposition delivery.

Secret #4 All Businesses Have Unique Selling Propositions

Customers perceive relativevalue in any proposition, even implicit ones … so every business delivers a unique selling proposition (explicit or implicit). You need to design it explicitly. Don’t let it happen by chance.

Secret #5 Become Your Customers

“Become” your customers instead of just asking them what they want from your business. Listen, observe and study to creatively infer from what customers DO.

Secret #6 Multiple Unique Selling Propositions

When your customers have customers, different USPs are required for different players in the value delivery chain.

Secret #7 Span All Your Business Functions

Look for value across your entire business. Use USPs to govern the span of all your business functions. One set for all functions.

Secret #8 Know How to Employ USP’s

People won’t ever buy from you if they don’t even understand why they should pay attention to you. And they notice you only if you have strong and unique selling propositions.

The usual definition of a unique selling proposition is incomplete. It is a promise of something the competition cannot or does not offer. It must be strong enough to move the masses, i.e., attract new customers.

Unique selling propositions, as defined it like that, is a decent, but incomplete, internal tool that can guide your decisions to the right general direction. But nothing more.

Secret # 9 Demonstrate The Proof

If you say, my pizza is the best in the world; will people flood your restaurant? No. They won’t believe you.

Without proof, you can’t say much before it starts to sound like marketing talk. No one pays attention. Or remembers. They just don’t believe. No believing, no trust. It is all downhill after that.

For example, I recently saw a digital marketing competitor site where they claimed to be the secret weapon of digital marketing for the most successful companies in the world. Needless to say, we doubt anyone can take that seriously when nothing supports the claim.

As long as you don’t prove your claims, people are unlikely to really believe them. And your unique selling proposition becomes of no use.

Use studies, testimonials, and common sense, among other methods, to prove your claims.

Impressive numbers can be the right choice, but they don’t always work.

Instead, a few expert testimonials make the idea credible. They can even take away the need for you to make any claims’ the testimonials can make the claims for you.

Similarly, you can use testimonials to build your products’ overall perceived value and take away the last doubt people might feel about your promises.

Secret # 10 Be Clever in Communicating Your Claims

It’s your job to hit people in the head with what makes you different and worth attention. Clever ways to communicate your claims. In believable ways.

When people understand why they should buy your product instead of any other, they’ll do it.

Contributed by Mike Schoultz, Digital marketing strategist who builds campaigns that customers remember

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