Winning Practices to Find the Right Angel Investors at The Right Place

A perfect angel investor can make a difference in scaling up your business. You should consider what your expectation is - prior to partnering with any investors. Once clarifying your expectations, let’s read on to proceed your next step!
Winning Practices to Find the Right Angel Investors at The Right Place
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With today’s access to the Internet, and Google searches, it really isn’t that hard. Here are the largest angel investor sources:


This is perhaps the most reliable source of information on angel investor groups across the world, and the software is used by most of the other angel organizations mentioned below for deal flow. It boasts 595 member-managed groups and VCs, 30,203 investors, and 2,900 new company applications a month. As an entrepreneur, simply enter your location online, and it will list the angel and VC organizations near you. You can then begin your application to one or more of these organizations right on the same screen.

Keiretsu Forum

This one claims to be the world’s largest angel investor network, with 850 accredited investor members throughout twenty-one chapters on three continents. Since Keiretsu Forum’s founding in 2000, its members have invested over $200M in 260 companies in technology, consumer products, healthcare/life sciences, and real estate. The Founding Chapter is in Silicon Valley, California, (naturally), and I have a connection there if you need a start. A caveat is that this is a for-profit organization, so fees to present may be significant.

New England Investment Network

This is a series of templated websites for matching angel investors seeking investment opportunities with entrepreneurs seeking capital. The caveat here is that this network doesn’t have a personal touch, as it only facilitates the exchange of contact information, so the matchmaking is left up to you.The reach is very broad, however, with 30 branches worldwide covering over 80 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia, and over 120,000 members worldwide.

Angel Capital Association (ACA)

The ACA membership includes more than 150 angel groups and 20 affiliate members from 49 US states and 6 Canadian provinces. These groups represent more than 6,500 angels and are funding approximately 800 new companies each year and managing an ongoing portfolio of more than 5,000 companies throughout North America.

Contributed by Mitchell Boogren, CEO & Founder of TaxBud

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