Driving Force to Increase Sales Conversion That E-Commerce Owners Need to Know

The conversion rate for e-commerce stores is often very low. However, you should aim for higher rates and more sales. Refer to some of the following methods to optimize your e-commerce conversion rate.
Ways To Increase Sales Conversion That E-Commerce Owner Need You To Know
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Hi, there are a lot of channels that can drive conversions to your online store. Such as SEE, advertising, and marketplaces. We tend to use next online trading platforms where you can increase your sales: Amazon; eBay, Aliexpress, Rakuten, Facebook; Instagram; Buy Button; Pinterest; Google Shopping; Messenger.

But to reach the best results you should know important nuances about them.

Amazon, Aliexpress, Rakuten, eBay marketplaces


Many customers start searching for a product on virtual marketplaces. The number of users who make purchases there is growing every year. According to statista.com research, the most popular trading platform is Amazon.com.

The percentage of sales on eBay, Aliexpress, Etsy and other sites is less than on Amazon, however, they are also effective.

Social networks

Social networks are a promising sales channel for converting visitors to buyers. The users spend on social networks more than 40% of their time. You need to analyze what social networks your audience prefers. We also recommend creating a store in the social network which you choose for your business. You should add a “buy” button so that the customers could purchase without leaving their account.


Use Facebook for this purpose. For example, with the help of Shopify’s Facebook app, you can migrate the products from Shopify to Facebook store. This way you will increase the number of your customers. Buying goods here is even much more convenient now than making several referrals to the site. With the help of this app, your customers can share their products and collections with their friends in the news line and tag the products on photos. Via Facebook store, the customer can place the goods into the “Saved for later” ones, otherwise, they will be unavailable, as the customers might lose the goods he/she had viewed earlier.

Facebook cares about you being its customer. The system works in such a way as to help increase your sales. Otherwise, you would not use it. That is why social network developers are constantly working on creating tools that will improve and simplify the sales process. We mean both paid and freeways of brand promotion on Facebook. So we strongly recommend that you do not exclude this channel from your marketing strategy.


If you can simplify the process of buying goods, do it with the help of Instagram. The number of users in this social network is growing every year. In 90% of cases, the sellers find their target audience there and successfully trade. Don’t be afraid of the default. You will surely succeed unless you sell sand in bulk by dropshipping. Although if you are creative enough, you might find your customers even for such a product.

In May 2018, Shopify developers announced the possibility of selling to users in the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil via the Instagram account.

Shoppable photo tags

Also, since April 2018, you can tag your product in posts. When a user clicks on a photo or item mark, he/she immediately sees the name and price of the product. When he/she clicks again on the tag, the customer will go to the section with information about the product and a link to the company’s website. The cost of a product is a factor that customers want to know first. They will faster make a decision to buy when the price is evident. This factor will help you filter out “not your” target audience.

Imagine the situation: you are advertising your product on Instagram, a lot of users like it and send hundreds of orders per day. However, they refuse to buy when they see the price. The reason is that users cannot afford your goods. In the end, you have spent both your time and money in vain. Add a price tag to your product and the risk of losing time and effort will lower. People who are not satisfied with your price will just pass by.

One more advantage of tagging

Many owners of online stores make a mistake and do not indicate the price of their products so that the users get annoyed. If a customer really liked the product, then in order to find out the price, one needs to make a number of additional steps. But not everyone would do it, and you must get it.

Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, Shopify Ping messengers

Adapting trading platforms for mobile applications is a “must-have” of digital sales.

Contributed by Andrey Gadashevich E-Commerce and Shopify Expert. Make Cool – Be Cool.

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