Top Indispensable Roofing Content Marketing Ideas for Roofing Businesses

It is difficult for customers to choose a reliable roofing company because they don't understand problems in this industry. So that roofing businesses can use content marketing to educate and give customers the belief. From that, they will choose and rate your roofing business as an expert.
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Roofing companies, as well as other kinds of businesses, always need marketing strategies to exist and develop. However, there are quite many marketing strategies to apply. So it is difficult to choose a marketing method matching with your business. Furthermore, roofing is an industry being not easy to promote following normal ways. Because customers need much information to choose any roofing company. Therefore, roofing content marketing is a great strategy to turn leads into real customers.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focusing on creating and providing valuable suitable content including education, entertainment, insightful information, etc to attract target customers. This content will help visitors improve their lives and drive their profitable action for your business.

Some basic forms of content marketing include:

  • Blog articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media marketing
  • Emails
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Cartoons
  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Applications 

What Benefits Does Roofing Content Marketing Bring?

This is a marketing method including many forms and it is applied to many kinds of businesses. So for roofing business, it certainly brings much effectiveness. So what benefits it include?

  • Useful content will bring more traffic to your website for the present and the future.
  • Target customers demand and your product can be linked by relevant content.
  • Quality content can educate visitors and turn them into potential customers by stimulating demand.
  • Content resolve difficult problems help your company build trust with target customers. 
  • Your business will become an industry expert with much valuable content.
  • Punchy content will get buyers to make a final purchase without previous stages.
  • Content helps you improve search engine optimization (SEO) and online visibility.
  • Content marketing saves cost more effective than outbound marketing but it generates more leads.
  • Blog content can help you reach specific audiences and qualified leads.
  • Publish content continuously helps your business remain competitive.
  • Great content will be shared and your business will increase visibility online.

Roofing Content Marketing Through Video Form

How to make the stand-out roofing content marketing in the video?

#1. The video must be a story or useful information, not the sale.

There are many advertisements on the Internet which are actively annoying and repelling customers. So don’t let your roofing business like that. Instead, you should create videos containing emotional stories and valuable educational information. Take full advantage of the emotive power of video to attract consumers’ needs and hidden desires.

#2. Make your video attractive in the first ten seconds

Try sparking your audience’s curiosity by asking questions and using teasers to hook their attention right away. In the first ten seconds, your video must convey its value. At this time, customers will answer the questions “why should I watch it?”. To keep audiences, your video must make them laugh, inspire them to act or teach them something new.

#3. The video must be humourous instead of boring

Audiences want to laugh, they want to be pulled out of their boring and forget about their realities. Roofing businesses should create particular humous videos being not the same as competitors’ ones to reap the rewards.

Specific roofing content marketing ideas for video form

#1. Video about damaged states of roof

Homeowners will not ever know their roof being damaged until it causes serious problems. Because they are not expert to know how to predict damaged matters based on environmental factors. Furthermore, they are quite unable to climb the roof to check. So you should create videos with content showing factors damage roof and unexpected consequences that were likely to occur. This makes homeowners worry and want to use the roof inspection service.

#2. Video about performing roofing services

When customers spend their money to buy any products or services, they always want to get valuable, worthy things with their money. For roofing service, customers want to know the process of performing service and ways which your staffs make with their roof. So video content shows the process of repairing, replacing, checking the roof, etc. is a good idea to market your roofing business. 

#3. Video about new roofs after completing service

Customers always expect valuable products as well as good services after buying. It is a reason why they think carefully before deciding to purchase. So, let’s show them know results which they can get through videos showing new roofs after repaired. If the more video was great, it means the more customers trust results which your roofing business can bring.

#4. Video about feedbacks of customer

Except for trusting what your business said, customers will trust other customers who used your roofing services more. So after performing service, you should request feedback from homeowners about roofing service just finished and ask their permission to film while they were speaking. These videos will be the basis to make beliefs in other customers.

#5. Video about difficulty during the process of performing roofing services

Your roofing business knows how to take full advantage of the material, technology, etc to make beautiful and solid roofs for your customers. But the more you are professional if you know what hinders your work. You should create a video showing technique errors as well as the worse case in the process of performing roofing service. When watching these videos, your customers will the more trust your roofing business. Because if you can identify the difficulty, you will know how to avoid and handle these problems.

#6. The video suggests kinds of roof

Customers not only need a solid roof but also a beautiful roof. But sometimes they don’t know how to choose suitable material, color or style with their house. Because it depends on the weather, environment, price, etc. So you should create a video suggesting kinds of roofing for each object. This helps them choose easily and shorten buying deciding time.

Roofing Content Marketing Through Blog Form

How to make useful roofing content marketing with a blog?

Blogging is a marketing way applied by both small or large businesses. They post useful information in their industry to affirm the value of the business. That is a free present which businesses give their customers before buying goods. This helps customers better understand the company, inspire products and maintain customer loyalty.

But those are only some of the benefits which blog can bring to the business. For the roofing company, the blog will bring more benefits because the products or services of this industry are not easy for customers to choose from. They need to read much information to decide to choose which suitable one with their demand. So you should take full advantage of the blog to develop your roofing business.

Specific roofing content marketing ideas for blog

#1. Pros and cons of roofing problems

These roofing problems include kinds of roof, different ways to clean your roof, patching a roof vs. replacing it. In each main problem, there are a lot of specific topics. This helps blog content diversify and idea source won’t be exhausted if you know how to exploit.

#2. Posts about stuff that endangers roofs

Factors such as trees, moss, and alga with insufficient ventilation will lead to punctures, leaks, moisture, and blistering state for the roof. These are unexpected matters which homeowners don’t think of and you should show them know.

#3. The roof inspection is important

“Why homeowners need to inspect their roofs?” is also a good idea. Furthermore, after they are aware of the importance of inspection, they will carry out. So you need to explain how to inspect the roof and how often it should be checked to maintain the roof in the good state.

#4. DIY roofing project

There are roofing problems that homeowners can repair by themselves. They won’t call you but they will search how homeowners can do their roof. You can expand content about how to be safe while doing any of these DIY roofing projects.

#5. Stuff relates to the roof

They can be gutters, soffits, fascia, and flashing. You could theoretically branch out into anything having to do with any of those topics. Related stuff must be important, don’t write things being not worth it.

#6. The basic costs

Every house is different and you still have to go out there and give each homeowner an estimate. But homeowners want to know some price ranges for them to decide whether they should call you or not.

#7. Advances in roof technology

In each industry, innovation is essential and for so is the roofing industry. You can put together infinite posts on this subject to educate your customers and promote their demands.

#8. Influences which solar panel causes

It’s strange to talk about solar panels in the content of the roofing company. You are not a solar expert, but you can write about impacts on the roof caused by solar panels. For example, you can show how to install the panels without damaging your roof, how to prepare a roof for solar power, damage prevention once the solar panels are on the roof, etc.

#9. How does the weather affect a roof?

The roof takes the brunt of most conditions about the weather. You can talk about what to watch out for after a severe thunderstorm, a hurricane, a tornado, and a severe snowstorm or show how to prepare a roof for a drought.

#10. Hanging holiday lights

Lights are mostly hung on or near the roof, so there are many problems for you to talk about them on your blog. For example, hanging light tips, hanging light techniques, hanging light safety and how to hang the light without damaging the roof. You can collect more ideas by driving around town and taking pictures of some of the coolest light displays on roofs all over town. There will be many problems for you to explain to your customers.

#11.Problems with various roofing materials

You can show features of different materials and focus on roofing materials that your company uses. Some materials are friendly to the environment such as green roofing options, energy-efficient roofing, etc are things which your customers certainly care about.

#12. Bad contractors

Your customers always want to make sure that they can get the best product or service so topics about roofing scams and showcasing photos of crappy roof installations you find all over town are very good. You should provide tips for homeowners about how they can tell whether contractors have done a good job on a roof or not. Some bad roof photos attached with some explanations about why the installations were so bad will help raise your customers’ consciousness.

To expand this topic, you can write about what makes a good contractor and how your roofing company meets all those criteria. From that, customers will know how to choose an ideal contractor as well as a reliable roofing company. However, this topic should only be used after a few months when published other great content.

Pay Attention to Other Forms

Any content ideas which we provide you can be used in any content form. For example, you can show environmental impacts to the roof through infographic form or feedback of customers through article form. Everything is flexible and they depend on your goal. Therefore, you should determine many problems before writing down any content for your business. If you choose the form matching with your goal, it will be extremely effective.


Some specific roofing content marketing ideas above can help your roofing business develop strongly. However, it needs much time to turn visitors into customers. Because it is an inbound marketing method without disturbing target audiences. You only need to provide useful real information and they will be aware of your services as well as products by themselves. After comprehending the things that you supply, they will come with your roofing business with all their trust. 

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