Top 5 Digital Asset Management Software for Business Executive

Within the 4.0 digital age, enterprises implement advanced software to the operation for optimizing proficiency. Asset management software also is widely used by businesses. Here are the top 5 suggestions for you.
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Ever since digital asset management became a major part of enterprises, DAM software underwent constant changes to suit businesses’ needs. For larger enterprises, such tools were designed to be more powerful than ever, providing new functionalities. If you are having problems choosing the right platform, this top 20 digital asset management software guide will walk you through the process. As for my picks, I have 5 favorites.

Adobe Experience Manager

It is a total content management platform that provides users with a plethora of features such as community connection portal, user-generated content organization, digital asset management and social engagement. The system essentially serves as a central hub for creative groups, able to connect to work flows while streamlining media delivery to other teams.

The app has the ability to manage digital assets with ease, giving teams a media creation workplace, which can be applied through different channels. It has integrations with popular Adobe produces, which include Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud. These integrations enable users to create, curate and distribute all media created by the system through different channels. Adobe Experience manager likewise safely stores users’ files in the cloud, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


In-browser photo editing tool PicMonkey is specifically designed for bloggers and Instagram users. It has a very simple yet feature-laden interface, allowing for the creation and modification of graphics for use in blogs. The software is also capable of incorporating photographs with design elements sans the need for superfluous and complex features.

PicMonkey comes with a singular toolbar from which all of its image editing features can be accessed. These functionalities include image cropping, resizing and sharpening along with the ability to modify picture exposure and color saturation. Other notable features such as adding graphic overlays, textures, frames and text to images are also present.


Designed to run on desktops, Bandicam is a powerful screen and video/game recording system that hosts a variety of functions. It is equipped with several recording modes, which include screen, game, device and video recording. The product can record different media types like walkthroughs, computer/video tutorials and academic sessions. The system is highly-recommended for organizations and individuals who need to come up with short videos for use in YouTube or social media channels.

Bandicam can compress videos into smaller sizes as it uses Nvidia’s H.264 codec while users can capture game videos and sessions that make use of DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies. The system’s easy-to-use interface can likewise capture screens, sound, videos and devices.


Cloudinary is a cloud-based image and video editing product that is able to manage videos and images using robust media management tools. The system can resize, crop and convert images all on its own, eliminating the need for additional software. It also enables users to store videos and images in the cloud using its CDN and storage engines.

The platform can integrate seamlessly with web-based applications with its API. Cloudinary is basically a total management solution, considering its numerous features, so users need not invest in additional graphic tools. What’s good about the app is that it reduces time and resources spent on concerns related to media content, allowing users to make better use of their time.


Panopto is a software-as-a-service digital asset management platform that is designed for use by businesses and teachers. The solution’s primary function is the creation of videos for use in both corporate and academic live streaming. It can record, manage, live stream and share videos with students and members of creative teams. For its capture functionalities, several options are available, letting users process inputs such as PowerPoints, screencast and video camera recordings. These are managed separately, making them ideal for presentations.

A Webcast feature allows Panopto to transform meetings, events and presentations into live webcasts, which are saved automatically in formats with resolutions reaching as high as 1080p. These can be shared using email or social media or uploaded to the software’s video portals. Each video is automatically indexed, allowing for faster and easier searches. Ease-of-use, however, is the app’s best feature, making recording, video viewing, webcasting and searching a lot easier for users.Contributed byTom Gorski,CEO at SaasGenius

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