The Valuable Lessons in The Corporate World That Business Owners Should Not Ignore

It took years to comprehend and digest how people function in the corporate world. You may get stuck to figure everything out on your own. So let's refer to the following lessons in the corporate world.
The Valuable Lessons In The Corporate World That Business Owners Should Not Ignore
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What are the biggest lessons you have learned in the corporate world? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

1.Politics Inside the Corporate

In the starting when joined a company it was like I got new friend circle, friend who are loyal with me including polite nature. But slowly I came to know that may be they are spending their time with me but inside they are finding me their competitor and that gave me shocked. I became less talkative with them.

This was the first lesson for me, that In actual people surrounding you doesn’t treat you a part of their personal life. So it’s wasting a time to finding them in this way.

2. No Shortcut to Get Into The Top Position

From the day of joining, we always wonder about the hierarchy in our industry. We raise many questions about the promotions plan, salary hike, required things for promotion, etc. But parallelly you need to understand there is no particular shortcut way to get the top position.

You have to go step by step, you can decrease the time limit by showing your extraordinary performace or ability of learning new skills which stand out you from the crowd. I must say your skillsets plays an important role for achieving good in corporate world.

3. Healthy Relation with Team Leads

Being an employee on entry level position, you should have a good relationship with the people who are at top position on your projects or in a same team. This isn’t only makes you more comfortable in corporate but also you will understand all the basic terminologies which you should know being a part of any organisation. Through this you will more active & have a definite goal for getting something good in future.

4. Good Network with Other Corporate Folks

Try to socialise with others, social sites plays a very important role in today’s corporate world, specially LinkedIn.

Your networking helps you to know more about people on the same position in different industries. If in future you make a plan for job switch then you will find this network very useful. You will easily get info like

“how much hike you will get”,

“how many rounds will be there”,

“what kind of preparation need to done before interview”, etc.

So, I would suggest don’t feel shy to make a good network on social sites.

5. Adopt Something Creative Hobby

“Finding happiness in small things”

Your happiness is more important than your corporate life, If you aren’t happy while doing any sort of work then there is no use to doing that job. You must adopt a hobby which you can do when you have hush up moment while doing work. Through this you will make happy yourself and your mind will divert from regular hectic schedule.

If you’re unable to find it then anxiety will create more problem for you. There are many activities going on within every corporate, so don’t shy to participate there, feel free to go there and indulge yourself in that environment.

6. Don’t Be So Conservative

Being a part of super religious family, or conservative society, sometimes a person hard to accept the diversity around them. As the new corporate world more focussing on diversity and giving equal represenatation to each & every section of society, so somewhere or the other you have to face this diversity in the corporate world.

Either the people from different faith, different caste, different color or different sexual orientation. There you can’t show your resistance towards this new era and you have to work with them by accepting this diverse culture.

7. Personality or Dressing Sense

As of now, work from home is going on. But apart from this wfh, the fundamental rule of corporate world is your personality, your dressing sense, your behaviour, you’re talking sense, etc.

Many of the industries already has their own dressing code for particular days, and majority of industry allow to wear formal dress plus casual t-shirts for one or two days. As much as your skillsets important for your company, your personality enhancement is also a main concern for them and you should have to work on it consistently.

Contributed by Saddam Qureshi, Software Engineer at Accenture India (2020-present)

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