The Most Demanded Features that Patients Care in a Healthcare Application

The healthcare industry has made an enormous difference in our lives, and it is growing day by day. Especially, the mobile application supported patients a lot during the treatment.
The Most Demanded Features That Patients Care In A Healthcare Application
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What are the features that patients desire the most in a healthcare app? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

In our agency we focus on software development for healthcare, so we have researched and figure out what mobile app features patients desire the most:

1. Video Conferencing Features with Telemedicine

One of the more prominent healthcare app innovations is a video conferencing feature of telemedicine solutions. You can implement telemedicine features with the help of such technologies as WebRTC.

Besides, you can also use a device’s camera APIs for a virtual consultation, or you can access EMR and EHR modules for data transmission and management.

For a patient, all those technologies allow having an urgent doctor consultation from your home rather than going to see your doctor, especially for those who have mobility issues.

2. The User and Doctor Profile Feature

When you think about what doctors and patients are most likely to want from an app, the creation of a profile feature seems obvious enough. For the patient, account profiles should be easy to access and intuitive to use. The app should allow them to create and manage their profile and log in using their various social media accounts.

3. Search Feature

No medical records app would be complete without a search feature. These usually take the form of a Custom Search Box. You can apply filters, and there should also be auto-completion and suggestions.

4. Listing Feature

This would be to show a list of search results or to verify that you have successfully set up an appointment at a clinic, hospital, or private practice. Apps for doctors should always have one.

5. Booking Features

Healthcare mobile app development should also include a booking feature. If you are developing a doctor appointment booking app or an app that will allow video consultations with a doctor, this feature is sure to be valuable to the user.

They can check the availability of their doctor and choose a suitable time to meet with them without ever having to talk to a receptionist.

6. An e-Prescription Feature

Another of the healthcare app features that people love is the e-Prescription tech that’s now available. This is a concept that allows doctors to generate and send prescriptions, along with all of the relevant details that accompany them. It’s a way of improving both communication and patient satisfaction.

7. An Activity Feed Feature

This is a notion that streamlines user activity. You should be able to see the frequency with which someone uses the app, what they did each time and anything else that they might feel to be relevant.

8. The User or Health Dashboard Feature

When looking at health features, you’re also likely to notice that users enjoy prominent, easy-to-use dashboard features that they can quickly find and master. especially what concerns fitness and health management apps.

Dashboards usually take the form of activity feeds with that users can track their health records. They can keep track of their rehab exercises or whether they took their pills that day.

9. A “Share Your Progress” Feature

If your app has to do with fitness or sports, you should add one of these. The user will then be able to share how well they are doing with others on the app. It becomes like a friendly competition or a way of bragging about how good someone is doing.

10. Medicinal Record and Calculation Feature

Another of the medical health app features that you should see with modern platforms is the record and calculation feature. It’s most useful in drug store apps.

11. Symptoms Checker Feature

This one is fairly self-explanatory. If you are going to develop a healthcare app, a symptom checker feature will make the user feel more at ease. Individuals can use it to check their symptoms and see which diseases they might correspond to.

12. Chat or Messaging Feature

Medical app development in the modern era should also include both chat and messaging features. This is true for virtually any app that you might develop, not just those having to do with healthcare.

13. Custom Notification and Reminder Feature

One of the better healthcare mobile app tips we can give you is to include a state-of-the-art notification and reminder feature. Users love these.

14. Wearable Devises Connection Feature

This is a more advanced feature that you might not see in all healthcare apps, but some users like to have the option. This applies if you are developing a medical app that will work or can pair together with some wearable devices, such as health watches, bands, or trackers.

15. VR-Based Features

Virtual reality is something that is moving more and more into the mainstream, and that’s certainly true of healthcare apps and technology. If you develop a medical app for education, you must have this. It should also be present if you have an app for physical psychological rehabilitation with gaming features or just the game by itself.

Contributed by Andrii Horiachko, Co-Founder at Softermii

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