Tech Companies Build Apps to Manage Denver Travel Risk

The useful app is developed to serve the travelers in Denver. It sounds good, isn't it? Stay safe and travel fun!
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Tech companies always find the new solution for all problem they figured out. Especially, tech companies in Denver with the advantage of beautiful landscape will have the inspiration to join in the travel industry. More and more startups have been established; they are in almost fields. Hospitality and travel industry has been hot and attractive. It is one of the reasons why tech startups follow travel call.

Colorado is the excellent destination to ski and hike. Also, it’s an awesome startup community with a huge pool of active and ambitious talent. Top of that, Denver lifestyle is so fantastic. For many reasons, Denver ended up being a ‘home’ of several startups, especially tech companies. As you know, besides the amazing feeling that travel brings to us, travel is a risky business. With the travel safety problem, what have the tech companies done? Let’s find out.

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The Denver Dangers

Denver isn’t a terribly dangerous location. However, it always exists some threat and annoying situation when you travel here. Find out some advice for tech companies to know before buiding app below!

  • Stay away from the homeless and neighborhood
  • Be aware of a snowstorm
  • Patient with aggressive drivers
  • Be careful hiking, skiing and driving Rocky mountain roads

Whenever and wherever you travel, you will be unsafe with an unknown destination. It’s possibly dangerous and unfamiliar. Avoiding kidnapping, human trafficking, theft, murder or violent situation, before traveling, you have to carefully research, log in State Department website or read travel guidebooks. However, local website and handbook don’t reflect enough the detailed status of the local. It’s not updated frequently. Local people and travelers know what’s going on there at that time clearly.

Mainly, you take a responsibility to care about the safety of your employees, contractors and volunteer workers. Both of business group and individual, you have to protect people, assets, vehicles, etc.

So, what is the adaptable solution for the above problem?

A Denver Travel Risk Assessment App from Tech Companies

A travel tech company will use a combination of official data and information from travelers and community members. With the vast amounts of data, you can handle processing, interpreting and distributing data. To build a vast network, the incidents and threat data will retrieve from different source including the open, deep and even dark websites, social media and community with several methods and partners.

Make sure you have explicit data right time and the right place. The relevant and up-to-date report will make trips abroad safer. With risk level, transportation, threat overview, people can consider whether to go there. Besides, you can push a threat warning about a specific area. After that, you should highlight the risk rating and make mitigation recommendations.

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You can use the latest technologies, such as:

Data Acquisition

Abstract from New Horizons for a Data-Driven Economy: “Data acquisition has been understood as the process of gathering, filtering, and cleaning data before the data is put in a data warehouse or any other storage solution.”  Data acquisition is the first step in the Big Data Value Chain.

Data Analytics

Data analytics has been a complex process that transforms data into high-value information for human consumption. Data analytics technologies will help analyze data sets such as hidden patterns, marketing trend or unknown correlations. With this data, you can easily make the business decision to improve marketing strategy, customer service, operational productivity, etc.

Geographic Information Systems-GIS

GIS is a system that collects, display, manages and analyzes spatial or spatial or geographic data. A map is the best visual of this system. A lot of information is easily understood with a map.

Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing offers a lot of services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence over the Internet to provide quicker innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. It enables to access from everywhere. In addition, it cuts down complicated IT management chore. So, productivity is improved. Top of that, the security is crucial, as it helps you protect data and infrastructure better.

It provides a browser-based dashboard that makes it faster easier for IT professionals to manage their accounts.

Real-time Update

With security updates, track personnel service, you will push SOS notification or SMS message whenever the data shows coming up threat. A number of the local incident will be revealed on the app right place and the right time.


Now, let’s look at some features in this app that bring benefits for us.

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Educate the travelers on their trip and destination prior to departure. Minimize the consequence of foreseeable incidents. Your advice based on useful data will help the users avoid risk better.

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Whenever and wherever the things go wrong, you should provide them the 24/7 fastest emergency assistance. You are never leaving the app users stranded.

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SOS Call

Phone or email to former military special operations veterans when you are annoying and dangerous. Also, you can make a quick call to anyone you created contact. Keep contact with at least one person to ensure you are safe and have one hand whenever the problem come.

Integrated health service
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Integrated health service

GIS can visualize the spread of disease, disaster response and public health information. Healthcare service will be right after your SOS call. Remember, never go to the disease area if you don’t have any function and responsibility in there.

Tech Companies Build an App to Manage Denver Travel Risk
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Meaningful and Intuitive Report

At one tap, you can see and share informative insight to your family, your team or your partner. Top of that, you can customize the report by deep dig into your data with a dynamic filter and sort.


Traveler security is very critical. Of course, we don’t want your family members are injured or even die after traveling; we always hope they get home safe. Travel management risk app is a fantastic solution for safe travel. Averting risk is everyone’s responsibility as safe is a priority. With the travel security app, it offers a lot of information and services that you can make a better actionable decision.

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