5 Fundamental Benefits That Enterprises Reap from Software Outsourcing

There are many reasons why different companies worldwide delegate software development to the outsourcing company. What benefits does software outsourcing bring to enterprises?
5 Fundamental Benefits That Enterprises Reap from Software Outsourcing
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First of all, we must focus here on five specific elements. It will be important to indicate one key element that is necessary to include.

What is an enterprise? What is a software outsourcing?

ENTERPRISE – a short definition
It is simply a synonym for the word company. As a rule, we associate enterprise as a large company that generates huge revenues and employs hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people.

SOFTWARE OUTSOURCING – a short definitionThis is external enterprise support. In this case, we are talking strictly about software development. Often, this is done remotely, i.e. a team of programmers is working remotely on the client’s project. However, you can simply support the project with a programmer who works at the client’s office.

1. The First Benefit of Software Development Outsourcing

The issues of HR, hiring people, conducting job interviews are on the side of the software development agency. It is a huge support for an enterprise that creates solutions on a global scale. First of all, it involves having processes and automating HR-related activities. For example: With the preparation of a workplace for a new programmer, onboarding, providing him with the necessary knowledge.

2. The Second Benefit of Software Development Outsourcing

This benefit is combined with the first. You will have more time. Let’s apply here the effect of scale if the saved 6-7 hours of processes on each programmer is relatively not much. It is when outsourcing 100-200 developers that we make huge savings for the company. That is why outsourcing is so popular. Today time has become extremely valuable because everyone wants to take it from us.

3. The Third Benefit of Software Development Outsourcing – the Most Important One!

This is a huge saving of money. I will repeat here the argument about the effect of scale. Often, a company is able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the case of hundreds of developers even millions – per year. This is an argument that on the one hand is very important – because it is mainly because we want to save money. On the other hand, we don’t want to give away software development to newcomers from the other end of the world whose only bargaining chip is price.

4. The Fourth Benefit of Software Development Outsourcing

Flexibility. Do you need a team of 5 developers? And in a month maybe the project will develop and you will need 20 developers? No problem. Additionally, you can always get access to the resume of developers of a given software agency. So you don’t have to expand or shrink your team, you can have great developers on hand.

5. The Fifth Benefit of Software Development Outsourcing

Develop your business and vision instead of focusing on things you can outsource or delegate. There is always a moment in the life of a business that we are simply flooded with things to do and the day seems to be getting shorter. Software outsourcing is one of the great decisions you can make. It definitely simplifies business, reduces risk and allows you to focus on more important matters in the company.

Contributed by Oskar Pawlicki, Sales & Marketing Specialist at https://idego.io

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