Single-Page or Multi-Page Website: Which is The Perfect Fit for Your Business?

Many people find it hard to make the decision about single-page websites and multi-page websites since there is no rule of thumb. Given that, it is a “must” to know the ins and outs of both choices and figure out which works better for your business.
Single-Page or Multi-Page Website Which is The Perfect Fit for Your Business
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What are the pros and cons of a single-page website versus multi-page website? Originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Single Page – Great for Showcasing a Single Product or Service


  • “Nice” user experiences, good flow, tells a story
  • Simplicity and direction: usually goal driven to sell a particular product/service/sign-up – cuts to the chase, conversion-oriented
  • good for landing pages and PPC/email campaigns
  • great for lazy developers


  • limited SEO potential (really limited)
  • limited scalability
  • limited marketability
  • limited content

Multi-Page – Great for SEO and Establishing Yourself as an Industry Expert

Pros – All of the above plus

  • unlimited SEO potential
  • unlimited scalability
  • unlimited marketability
  • unlimited content


None because you can apply single-page features to a multi-page website, so the only con really is: more work.

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