Rightway to Puzzle Out “Patient Navigation” Math That Goes Unsolved for 88% U.S. Adults

Since its inception, Rightway proves to revolutionize care navigation for the whole patient care journey - from a single point of entry. The impact brought in by this New York-based heath-tech has been apparent since day one. Let’s dig into it!
Rightway co-founders present product in clinical setting
Courtesy: Rightway
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Nowadays, healthcare is an aspect of life that we all consider to be a right—we have the right to receive it whenever we need it.

So, Rightway – a healthcare company founded in 2017, sets an aim to give their clients and members a seamless, empowering healthcare experience. They have become a leading technology and services company radically simplifying healthcare. 

In this article, let’s find out together what makes this company make a contribution to our daily life.

Can Affordable Care Be Feasible

Before diving into its business model, let’s take a look at the company founding story. Rightway is founded by Jordan Feldman & Theodore Feldman. At Rightway, their main goal is to furnish each part with a similar encounter by consolidating clinician-drove support with a cutting-edge, instinctive application that guides purchasers toward the greatest, most expense-productive choices. They are looking for a solution that would improve the quality, promptness, and suitability of care, guide employees to the right care at the right time, and keep costs low for employers and their employees.

Nowadays, the importance of a comprehensive and competitive health benefits plan has been emphasized by today’s competitive labor market and economic factors, such as rising healthcare costs and inflation. Employers are expected to provide an innovative benefits plan that offers comprehensive, high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

Jordan Feldman, Rightway’s chief executive officer, stated, “Rightway is building the most comprehensive platform within the enterprise healthcare ecosystem — a digital-first front door that provides every member the same experience as having a doctor in the family.” 

On top of that, Rightway brings clarity and direction to all healthcare experiences by combining best-in-class technology with expert support and a modern, user-friendly app that customers adore. By assisting customers in making the best decisions throughout their healthcare journey, Rightway provides a new level of empowerment.

Moreover, the company guides customers to pursue better decisions in their medical services ventures. In order for members to receive the best care at the lowest possible cost, they surround themselves with a supportive ecosystem that offers education, guidance, and advocacy.

Helping 88% Of U.S. Adults and How They Achieve That Goal

Kirstie Settas-Jones, a consultant at Rightway, has stated that: “I racked up—and slowly answered—hundreds of emails from vendors explaining why their point solution was the one my clients needed, whether it be for family planning, musculoskeletal conditions, telemedicine, mental health, etc. In addition to keeping track of these vendors, I had a goal of helping my clients and their employees navigate a healthcare system so complicated that 88% of U.S. adults can’t make sense of it.”

It is said by Maestro Health that 70% of respondents reported feeling that today’s healthcare system is difficult to navigate, and 39% said they don’t feel they have the support they need when it comes to understanding their healthcare. That is why Rightway was founded to create a frictionless full-clinical navigation solution at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. 

Rightway engineering team in a technical session
Courtesy: Rightway

Rightway is a team of entrepreneurs, medical experts, and industry pioneers who are on a mission to simplify the healthcare experience. They are all aware of all the competing demands because they all aim to improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs. They saw firsthand how great point solutions could be wasted if workers didn’t know how to use them or weren’t even aware that their employer offered them. When these programs failed, the reputation of the insurance professional who advised them suffered inevitably and unfairly.

The Rise of Rightway and its Impact on Patient Experience and Cost Efficiency

Healthcare navigation, a set of services that assist patients in managing their healthcare requirements, enhancing their healthcare experience, and cutting costs, has seen a surge in demand as healthcare complexity has increased. Healthcare navigation encompasses a wide range of services and delivery methods, from glorified chatbots that assist members in obtaining basic assistance (such as viewing their co-pay) to clinicians working one-on-one with members to navigate highly complex healthcare needs, such as oncology care.

Some consumers are so starved for help navigating the complex system, they will welcome any kind of healthcare support, no matter how basic. The reality is, however, that low-touch solutions powered by bots or call centers provide such rudimentary support, they don’t meaningfully improve the consumer’s healthcare experience and fail to move the needle in lowering healthcare costs and improving health outcomes. 

For that reason, the care navigation and new-to-the-world PBM platforms offered by Rightway direct members to the highest level of medication and care, resulting in better care and happier patients at lower costs. Employees connect with live, clinical guides through the mobile app, who help them with everything from finding a great doctor to understanding their medication to getting help with billing issues to learning about benefits. Rightway is chosen by businesses for its smart clinical navigation, best-in-class technology, and lowest implementation cost, all of which contribute to a higher return on investment for customers and healthier employees.

Rightway has raised a total of $130M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on March, 2021 from a Series C round, and the funding amount of Series C is $100M.

With its robust product development, its expansion to serve over 500k members across 850 clients, and a 250 percent increase in headcount, The New York-based health tech startup is in a position to bring about a new level of change to the failing healthcare industry. Rightway’s rapid expansion into the employer market and expansion into health plans, third-party administrators, and other strategic channels will be aided by the investment.

Members of Rightway are served by experts and clinicians who have undergone extensive training. Because they know what questions to ask and what to do with the answers, clinicians play a crucial role in a member’s care journey. The company is dedicated to improving patient health rather than lining its pockets by keeping members on as many expensive drugs as possible. Rightway has stood for giving its members the tools they need to navigate this complicated system and creating opportunities to fundamentally cut costs for employers and employees from the beginning.

Patient Navigation Is Not Just Another Point Solution, It Is A Platform 

Rightway team network with professionals in the industry
Courtesy: Rightway

For many years, the Rightway team has tried its best to develop the business to be successful.

In an industry full of out-of-date healthcare platforms, its system was designed to be mobile-first from the start. A “digital front door” for members, Rightway’s mobile or desktop app button directs them to the appropriate member of their devoted care team.

Strategic healthcare cost savings as a result of the intelligent use of data and efficient resource allocation are another important factor in Rightway’s success. Members of Rightway are assigned to a dedicated clinical guide through smart routing. This guide assists members with clinical triage, treatment decision support, care coordination, and overall well-being requirements. 

What’s more, Rightway’s main success stems from its ability to influence crucial moments through proactive outreach and smarter clinical navigation. Every interaction is an opportunity to address any overdue preventive or follow-up care because clinical guides have access to years’ worth of patient history. In order to improve member care, it is essential to prevent or catch health issues early and to encourage adherence to any diagnoses.

In real terms, patient navigation is not just another point solution, it is a platform that guides employees to the support they need when they need it. Smarter clinical navigation serves as the front door to the broader healthcare ecosystem, simplifying healthcare and guiding health decisions through a clinician-led lens, and ensuring employees are educated on the value of the benefits being offered to them. 

As Rightway continues to grow, in 2023, employees will expect their advantages bundle to keep them awake to date with their developing necessities. By adding Rightway, a cutting-edge clinical care navigation solution, employers can demonstrate their care for their workforce and transform a standard health benefit into a highly valuable member experience. Employers and employees benefit from care navigation’s cost savings, member satisfaction with benefits, and overall health outcomes.

Bottom Lines

Talking with Florida Auto Dealership Manager – Partner of Rightway, has stated that “Rightway helped reduce their total healthcare spending by 5% and non-catastrophic spend by 9%, while engaging 62% of our employees in the first year. Rightway empowers employees to make the best decisions regarding their healthcare by combining education, guidance, and advocacy. 

Personally, I strongly believe that employers can save a lot of money and improve outcomes. I think that consumers who are empowered to make better decisions throughout Rightway individual healthcare journeys will drive a revolution in the industry.

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