Overcome Common Restaurant Management Hurdles with Handy Tools

Instead of undertaking the daily grind of managing a restaurant, restaurateurs are better off leveraging handy management software that prove to be a game changer – even for a tech illiterate or a savvy software user.
Overcome Common Restaurant Management Hurdles with Handy Tools
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A restaurant POS system is a comprehensive software which streamlines the operations by dehumanizing them. Suitable for all types of restaurant business plan, a restaurant management software like Eatery plays a defining role in their business growth, boosting efficiency and providing a better customer experience. Yes you got it right. Even if it is a small restaurant business plan, you must know the answer of how to start a restaurant business. At the outset your POS must have the following tools for opening a restaurant-

Restaurant Order Management facility

Effortlessly handles all order types a restaurant accepts. Manages the order with utmost efficiency.

Restaurant Order Taking App

The waiter app and kitchen app from Eatery simplifies your orders in online and offline modes. Synced with the restaurant POS, it works on your smartphones.

Online Ordering Integration

The POS system for restaurants syncs your orders from different sources and helps you manage them from a single dashboard.

Home Delivery Management

Most online restaurant POS systems regulate your restaurant delivery management. You can easily accredit orders to drivers or track their status from the restaurant software.

Menu Management

A cloud restaurant POS enables you to set up as many menus as you would like to have like puja special, Diwali special, Christmas Special, seasonal, periodic, weekend specials and happy hours. It also makes the pricing of each item effortless.

Restaurant Tablet POS

A restaurant POS can be accessed from your smartphone which helps you in tracking your restaurant operations from a distant location too.

Suitability for Restaurant Chains

It is very important for businesses with multiple restaurant operations. You cannot be physically present in all locations but your POS software facilitates you in this regard.

Customer Engagement

The restaurant management system saves all customer details and allows you to engage with them for order status and promotions.

Contributed by Anirban Bhowmick, Manager Operations at IBM (2005-present)

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